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Doug Casey on the Real FIFA Scandal

Doug weighs in on the real scandal… the one you’re not reading in mass media.

This is How Tax Havens Restrain the Greed of Politicians

Statists thinks low-tax nations should be forced to surrender their sovereignty to help high-tax nations prop up their inefficient welfare states.

The Disappearing Retirement Fund

Retirement savings are always a juicy target for governments in need of cash.

Why You Don’t Have an International Trust… Even Though You Should

Here are the top 10 reasons so many investors are missing out on the kind of protection they want for themselves and their families.

The World’s Biggest Economic Fallacies… and How to Profit From Them

They’re the biggest risks to your financial wellbeing today… and the average investor is blind to them.

The Beginning of the End for the EU?

Europe’s citizens have grown quite weary of the bad marriage that their governments have entered into.

It Was the First Time the CIA Overthrew a Government…

Even today the US government would rather not talk about it. That’s why it remains an unknown story for many Americans.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Lebanon

No other country’s banks have been through as much political and social turmoil and come out as strong.


Governments (most notably the EU and US) have borrowed far more than they ever have in history, to the point that they’re now facing insolvency.

The EU Blacklist: A Warning for Investors to Stay Away?

Our thanks to the EU for providing a list of the best countries to consider for asset protection and long-term tax savings.

Doug Casey on a Man Who Starved the Beast of $100 Million

Proponents of big government think he deserves condemnation. I think he deserves applause.

The Benefits of an Inefficient Government

A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have.

Capital Controls and a Bank Holiday in Greece… Here’s How You Can Profit

The term 'bank holiday' is a politician’s euphemism. When one happens, you won’t be celebrating.

Ending the Ownership of Money

The War on Cash escalates. Here's what to do to protect your money.

The War on Some Drugs

The only answer to the War on Drugs is a repeal of prohibition.

This Unknown Market Could Explode on June 30… Possible Triple-Digit Gains Await

Imagine investing in China just before its economy took off. Today that kind of opportunity is right in front of you.

Spendable Gold

In the future, anyone who wishes to retain a measure of his personal economic liberty is going to have to work harder at it.

Estate Planning Once and For All

Someday your estate could be taxed at a rate as high as… whatever Congress wants the rate to be at the time. The rules keep changing.

The Police State and Property Taxes… What You Can Do About It

Politicians hike property taxes to pay for police abuse lawsuit.

The Economic Alamo

The world’s tax havens are the economic Alamo—the last holdout against world economic domination.

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