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Three Ways “Old Money” Hangs On to Its Riches

How to replicate the investing strategies of wealthy families without being a Rockefeller or Rothschild.

Drug Cartels, Contrarian Investing, and the Best Value in Global Real Estate Today

Colombia should make any contrarian investor salivate.

Bus Driver Economics

When a country is clearly on the road to socialism, the wisest decision might be to get off the bus.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: British Virgin Islands

The BVI is the grandfather of international business companies or IBCs, a type of offshore company.

The Cheapest Second Passport You Can Get Today

When I first heard Doug Casey talk about a World Service Authority passport, I thought it had to be a joke.

Who’s Got the Gold?

Gold and silver have served as money for centuries and across many different civilizations. They have always been inherently international assets.

Austrian Economics in the Middle East, and the Benefits of Monarchies

Austrian economics is very relevant to international diversification, because it gives us the intellectual tools to better understand the distortions that actions of a desperate government can cause… and how to better position our investments and ourselves as a result.

Not Just for the Rich—How, Where, and Why to Diversify

You don’t necessarily need to leave your home country to achieve international diversification. You can do a lot of things from your living room.

Tax Havens and the Greedy Rich

Will we see an economic reset—a New World Order of sorts—in which the IMF becomes the world’s tax arbiter?

The Best of Company

When it comes to internationalization, the facts of the real world don’t match the standard fictions of the movie and the political worlds.

The War on Cash: Transparently Totalitarian

The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.

Redefining “Country”

The importance of national boundaries is shrinking, and that is very good for the individual.

What Is Offshore Private Banking?

The best offshore private banks are found in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco, Gibraltar, Singapore, and Lebanon.

Securing Your Assets When Financial Privacy Is Dead

It’s important to identify the countries that are responsible for killing financial privacy, as it gives a clue to the motive.

The Crowning Glory of Keynesianism

There is one final rabbit in the hat before we see the well-deserved downfall of Keynesianism.

Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Doug Casey explains how banking is supposed to work vs. how it actually works today.

A Powerful Weapon of Financial Warfare—The US Treasury’s Kiss of Death

It’s an amazingly powerful weapon that only the US government can wield.

Minimising Government’s Dominance over Your Life

Some countries are ideal places to reside. Others are great places to park some savings or to invest in. Others are optimal for conducting business. Yet others are perfect for obtaining a second passport.

How to Open a Bank Account in Chile

It’s very difficult for nonresident foreigners to open a bank account in Chile. There are a few completely legitimate exceptions, though.

How to Ensure Nobody Can Pull the Plug on Your Digital Life or Online Business

An often overlooked ingredient of international diversification is spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions. This will help you secure your privacy and ensure that no government can pull the plug on your digital life.

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