The Ugly American

Recently, I read an interview with an American entrepreneur who stated that the US is now “destroyed” and that he has moved to a South American country with the intention of creating several businesses.

Ten Years of Gold

Over the years, I have encountered many people who have considered any investment in gold to be foolhardy in concept. Recently though, I have been finding that more and more of them are beginning to turn around.

English Language and China’s Economy

According to Chinese visitors, businessmen and American ex-patriots in Southeast Asia, the Chinese government is promoting English as the international language to stimulate their economy.

“Why I Set Up an Offshore Company”

After 8 years of operating his business under the red tape and tax burdens of a UK limited company, Paul C. set his sights on offshore incorporation. Could this be the right option for you? Find out as Paul gives his advice on the pros and cons of offshore incorporation.

Holding Pattern

In a discussion with International Man's Managing Director recently, I grumbled that those authors that are normally quite glib on the future of the economy seem to be going silent. They either are not writing articles, or if they are, many tend to be rehashing their previous articles.

“With all things being equal; does simply having a Swiss bank account create a greater chance of IRS

"With all things being equal; does simply having a Swiss bank account create a greater chance of IRS audit...”

Just Which American Constitution Are You Referring To?

Democrats, Republicans and Tea Partiers all claim to be “champions” of the Constitution. But the question remains… do any of them really follow the historic document?

Food Crisis – The Greatest Threat to Social Stability

How would a food crisis play out on American soil? Food shortages have happened before in many societies around the world and the result is not a pretty picture…

The View from the Strip

We first met Bernard Jarvis last week our interview, where he shared his journey starting as an animator in Chicago and ending up an expat in Uruguay. Now he is back with this metaphorical article … a different way of looking at the topic of internationalization.

South American Opportunities: Interview with Uruguay Expat & Entrepreneur Brian Meissner

US Expat Brian Meissner set up a successful hostel in Uruguay straight out of College. How did he do it? And what other opportunities are currently available to Western entrepreneurs? This interview will reveal the answers…

From Chicago to Punta del Este: An Entrepreneur’s Story

We're here today with Bernard Jarvis, a former US-based animator and entrepreneur who ditched the “American Dream” with his sailboat and laptop for the shores of laid-back Uruguay.

Is Online Privacy Dead?

In today’s interview with privacy expert Paul Rosenberg, you’ll discover how to protect your information from online hackers, nosy businesses and intrusive government. Essential reading for all who use the Internet and especially for those who have internationalized and use the Internet as a way to manage their affairs across borders.

The British and American Constitutions

While America’s constitution is often praised as a perfect model, the UK actually doesn’t even have a written constitution. So which approach is better? Or, does it even matter? That’s what IM correspondent Jeff Thomas will address today…

Predictions & The Art of Pulling (Dead) Rabbits From a Hat

There has been much talk about the coming collapse of the US economy, but every effort to pick a date when such an event will happen has so far been wrong. But even though the timing of many predictions is off, the key message to remember is that they DO eventually happen. For this reason, it’s of great importance that we prepare ourselves as soon as possible, both economically and (if we are located in an exposed country) by creating a back door for ourselves and our families. Creating a back door can be a slow process and those who haven't yet begun would be well-advised to start now. After all, you can only pull so many dead rabbits from a hat…

“Why do I need to Internationalise? I like it where I am.”

Before the story fades completely from the media spotlight, Jeff is back with some public rumination on the recent "Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot of 2011" (as the local media calls it), the psychology of team sports in general and what this has to do with our ongoing internationalization conversation.

“The Barbarians”

"Who are the barbarians of today and should we invest there?" - The "barbarians" at the time of the fall of Rome (or at least those who attracted the productive class of Romans at the time) were an assortment of tribes living largely to the north of the empire and even within the empire.

3 Ways to Shelter Your Cash from Inflation

The high rate of inflation most of us believe is waiting not too far down the road will be an earthquake for investment markets. The likely winners (gold, silver, precious metals stocks) and the likely losers (long-term bonds and most stocks) aren’t too hard to identify. But separating the sheep from the goats is only one element for financial success in an environment of rapidly rising consumer prices.

Escaping the American “Entitlement” Attitude…

Keith Callum is an American businessman who has, for decades done business in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Far East and operating personally within those countries.

The Constitution – The Past and Present

Is Thomas Jefferson responsible for America's current-day financial crisis? Is there a revolution on the horizon? IM correspondent Jeff Thomas takes us on a provocative journey - both past and present - of one of the most famous documents ever drafted: The U.S. Constitution

The Land of the Rising… Investment Opportunities?

Mike Rogers, an American-born and raised entrepreneur who has lived and worked in Japan for nearly 30 years, shares his thoughts on the recent earthquake, its consequences on the Japanese economy and answers the question: “What do the Japanese REALLY think about Americans?”

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