When Will The Gold Mania Begin?

Like a handful of others a decade ago, I believed that the damage that governments were doing to their economies at that time would end in disaster. I also believed that one biproduct of these actions would be a dramatic rise in the price of precious metals.

How to Gain Business Savvy from a Crosswalk

Traffic and pedestrian behavior, and particularly the interaction between the two, offer two international business insights that are invariably valid. In every market they will be different and distinct. And therefore, fundamentally, they serve first to provide an important glimpse into a market's "mentality," and second as a consistent, gentle nudge to remember you're out of your natural zone, no matter how comfortable you become. Sounds simple, but here's why it's important.

Understanding the Federal Reserve

Looking at the title, the reader may conclude that he has begun to read an article that he might better save until he has a holiday weekend in which to read it. And there can be no doubt that volumes could be written describing the Fed and its inner-workings.

Tips to Manage your Money While Traveling

When traveling, there are many things to plan and to keep in mind, money being one of the most important. With a little preparation and planning, you can relieve much of the stress involved. Colleen Murphy considers several options for managing one's liquidity overseas.

Gold can’t solve everything…

Fitzroy Drkavic comes from an Austro-Hungarian family that has lived through some of the worst the world has to offer. Now, he sees some of the same factors that caused so much hardship for his relatives emerging in his new homeland of Canada - and has decided to do something about it.

There Was Shrinkage

What does a classic American sitcom have to do with the troubles of Europe? Jeff Thomas tells us.

Are they reading your most intimate communication?

With governments around the world increasing surveillance of their citizens, it is becoming ever urgent to take steps to protect one's privacy. An email is easily read by anyone who can intercept it along its route from sender to receiver. Encrypted email offers a much safer alternative. Guest author Aleksandr explains, and offers a free resource in the process.

Corruption and the International Businessman

It's a well-known fact that bribery is just "part of how business gets done" in many parts of the world (some more than others). So what's a businessman to do? Here to guide us on the subject is US-based foreign business consultant Ed Marsh.

Living in Hope

Pioneers moved to America to find freedom, and nowadays, new pioneers are leaving the continent in the same search. The search gives them hope, but what of the country they're leaving? Is there hope for that place, wherever that may be? Jeff Thomas examines and offers hope, while seeking to diminish false hope.

International Health Insurance (Part 1)

Everyone wants to have good but inexpensive access to medical care. In the US that certainly doesn't seem possible, but what about in other countries? Wherever you live, or even if you are a perpetual traveler, you don't have to go without insurance. There are options, as Linda Card examines today.

Choosing an Overseas Bank: First, Ask These Questions

IM readers know the need for diversification, including maintaining an overseas bank account. But where to begin? Today, Colleen Murphy offers step-by-step instructions on how to select the right bank for you.

Where will the next fortunes be made on Latin American real estate?

Of all the Latin American countries, guest correspondent and on-the-ground investor Darren Kaiser believes one country stands out as the clear winner when it comes to real estate investment potential: Chile. Today, he shares how he came to this conclusion as well as his thoughts on other local jurisdictions.

“You Cannot Herd Cats”

The price of gold has been fluctuating a lot lately - a trend that is likely to continue and possibly become even more volatile. Jeff Thomas explains.

Transportation Traps

Whether at home or abroad, scams are ever present. But, to be educated and prepared is to be forewarned and forearmed. Today, Linda Card examines scams foisted on naive travelers by taxi drivers.

On the Ground in Paraguay (Part 2)

Last week Mark Svoboda introduced us to Paraguay, his latest stop on a search to find his next Shangri-La. Today Mark talks about the transportation and medical care one can expect in this sleepy South American country, as well as potential downsides and residency options.

An End to Progress

It will be no surprise that, in much of the developed world, the current zeitgeist is one of impending economic (and sometimes political) collapse. Today, Jeff Thomas questions how we came to this situation and puts forward three theories that might help explain it.

On the Ground in Paraguay (Part 1)

Over the course of the last several months, we've followed the journeys of Mark Svoboda as he's traveled from Singapore to Tanzania, Malaysia to Colombia. Today Mark stops off in Paraguay, where he and his wife traveled to start their residency process...

Australia or New Zealand? Same-Same, But Different

Two isolated, feisty countries, with a shared heritage that squabble like siblings. Spend a bit of time in either country and you'll hear a litany of jokes disparaging the other. The bigger one picks on the smaller one, and the smaller one gives as good as it gets. Suggesting to a local that the two have anything in common will provoke outrage, but what do the differences actually mean?

The Economic Rodeo

Just as there is a technique to avoid being thrown from a bucking bronco, there is a right way to survive the continuing wild ride in the economy. Get a good grip, remain flexible and, as much as possible, go with the flow. Jeff Thomas explains.

Does America Have an Out-of-Control Legal System?

When did America cease to be the model of justice to the world and a paradigm for institutionalized corruption? Dale Sinner discusses the state of the US legal system and what seems to be a continuing trend towards something quite different than what the Founding Fathers would have intended.

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