Equality - The Great Socialist Ideal

A basic assumption, by all socialists, is that equality can only be achieved through force. To anyone of a libertarian bent, who may well favour equality as a general concept, the term “forced equality” raises the hackles, as it flies in the face of the very spirit of equality – that of voluntary acceptance of the other person as an equal.

One Chart Explains Why Government Debt Is Dragging on the Economy

A concise explanation of why government debt is double-plus ungood for a country's economy.

The Singapore Solution

I'll bet few Americans knew that Eduard Saverin, the young Brazilian billionaire and co-founder of Facebook, lived in Singapore — until this past May, when news spread that he had given up his U.S. passport to become a citizen of the Asian citystate. 

Election Time

Generally, I tend not to comment on elections, as I consider them to be largely unimportant. That is, regardless of which candidate is elected, the actual outcome tends to be much the same. In most countries, the higher the office being contested, the less real difference there is between the candidates.

Navigating the US’s Politicized Economy

Knowing how a nation-state can meddle with the free market can improve your chances of investing success.

Is Property In Chile More Expensive Than In The US?

The idea of buying productive land outside of your home country is really starting to catch on these days and Chile is one country that has received a lot more attention.

Looking Toward A Post-Crash World

Today we bring you a different type of article from Jeff Thomas. As International Man has grown, more and more readers have come to see Jeff as an interesting and insightful writer on what's coming round the bend from a geo-eco-political point of view. Following is a compilation of some of the questions he's received directly from our readers, formatted into an interview format. Enjoy.

“The Bank Was Saved, and the People Were Ruined.”

The quote is from William Gouge, commenting on the Panic of 1819. The panic had been caused when the First Bank of the United States had first expanded the money supply dramatically by offering loans, then contracted the money supply by tightening its requirements for new loans, causing a crash.

Manipulation of the Gold Price

There is much discussion these days as to whether the price of gold is being manipulated. The answer is simply "yes."

The Tide of Power

Whilst bullying by the most powerful nations has existed for millennia, the world has never before seen the sophisticated minutiae of dominance that we are now witnessing, universally. So, what is the logical outcome of this trend?

The Bottom Line on Gold, the Dollar, and the Euro

Examining the price relationships among the US dollar, the euro, and the gold reveals a vitally important pattern for investors.

The Need for Information Filtration

In generations past, information was provided by word of mouth, or through reading, either in a book, a letter or a periodical. It was a slow system, but it did have an advantage: information came in one item at a time, and people had an opportunity to chew on the new bit of information for a while and consider whether to accept it or not.

Revisiting the Future

Back in the early 2000's, the world was on a roll. Spending was at an all-time high, and people were drunk with the belief that the party would never end; that there was no limit to the amount that either they or their governments could borrow and spend and still, somehow, all would be well.

International Health Insurance (Part 2)

In Part One of this report on International Health Insurance options, we explored local vs. worldwide coverage. Today we'll examine three additional options for coverage of medical treatment: Medevac Services, Catastrophic Coverage and Medical Tourism.

The Recovery

By the time the breakdown of the global economic system has occurred, the currency, be it the US dollar or the Euro, will have collapsed. At this stage, will the country reach a Mad Max scenario (minus the leather outfits and interesting vehicles)?

Seven Elements of International Marketing

You've heard of the Chevy "Nova" brand debacle in Latin America (who's going to buy a car which is named 'doesn't run') and possibly the Clairol "Mist Stick" curling iron market flop in Germany (where 'mist' translates approximately as manure). Both are great examples of the mischief in which even marketing powerhouses can find themselves when selling internationally.

11 Stages of the Crash

With all the study and thought that are required to make sense out of how the Great Unraveling will play out, we seldom take time to think of what it will be like on the other side. Those of us who are, by nature, long-term thinkers and/or optimistic, have a vague picture in mind of a rebirth of libertarian thinking, and a vibrant economy.

Spotting New Trends: Knowing When to Go Against the Grain

It is said that hindsight is 20/20. It's easy to think, "If I had just bought apartments in Paris in the 80s, or tech stocks before the bubble, or gold in 2000 or 2001, I'd be sitting on a fortune right now." The thing is, kicking yourself for lost opportunities doesn't do you much good. A better strategy is to start focusing on not missing "home run" type investments like these in the future.

Weimar Greece

In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed as a peace agreement after World War I. Under the treaty, Germany accepted that they had caused the war and therefore were obligated to pay reparations to the tune of US $31.4 billion (US $442 billion in today's money).

God Save (Your Privacy From) The Queen!

On May 9th, 2012, Queen Elizabeth II addressed the British Parliament and dealt a blow to the privacy of every person living in or visiting the UK.

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