Expatriate Your Wallet

If everything you own is held in your own name in your own country, then you are not merely exposed, you are vulnerable absolutely, to whatever decisions the government might make about how you should behave and who gets the wealth you've earned.

Journey to Belize: An Expat’s Story

Macarena Rose has a motto in life: Just do it! So when she fell in love with Belize after teaching a 2-week course there, she decided to pack up her family (including five cats and five dogs) and move. Macarena shares a bit of her life with us, including her advice for anyone considering a move to the tropical country.

Beautiful Minds: An Interview with a South African Expat

At 23 years of age, Marina Passalaris left the sunsets of Zululand, South Africa with her family for Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Marina talks to us about the difficulties she had in moving abroad, and about the business she’s now set up, Beautiful Minds.

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