Don’t Feed the Bears

Some of your friends, family and associates will never buy gold. Others want you to tell them what to do and exactly when to buy. In one sense, advice applied to those marauders of the picnic basket apply just as readily here: Don't feed 'em. If you do, prepare for potential consequences, as Jeff Thomas explains in today's feature.

Be Glad You’re Not in Italy

If you've been following the news recently, you'll be familiar with Italy's struggles to avoid becoming the next Greek tragedy. To accomplish this difficult task, new Prime Minister and technocrat "Super" Mario Monti is attempting to introduce an aggressive austerity budget. While yet to be passed by legislators, this decree has already been signed by the Italian head of state. Desperate times, desperate measures, eh?

What Is ‘Face’ In Asian Culture and Why Should We Care?

There is no doubt that China is a major force in today's world. Indeed, the "Middle Kingdom" is no longer a "sleeping dragon" and is shaking the world, just as Napoleon predicted.

The Road to Canadian Citizenship

When we think about second passports, exotic locations such as Singapore or Uruguay often come to mind. But could it be that an American's best bet for second citizenship lies just north of the border?

Readers Respond

International Man receives many comments from readers, both by email and in the comments area of an article. As one might expect, some support the argument made in the piece and other (sometimes vehemently) disagree. This is particularly true with one of our most consistent authors, Jeff Thomas. Today, Jeff addresses some of the notes received on past articles...

What A Gold Bug Asks From Santa

It might come as no surprise that a great cross-section of our members hold precious metals as a hedge against inflation, and as part of their personal asset protection strategy. But, at the same time, gold and silver have many uses other than just money - from the serious to the frivolous...

Help… I’m Stuck in a Bureaucracy and Can’t Get Out!

Have you ever stood across the counter from a government bureaucrat and wanted to scream in frustration? Imagine the same scene taking place in a foreign country, with a different culture, where they speak a language you don't know. What would you do? Not to worry... you are not alone and help is on the way!

“Wanna spend 75 years in the state pen?”

Recently, an International Man member e-mailed us a video about a man from Illinois who faces life in prison for filming the police without written permission.

Can We Expect the European Union to End Soon?

It's no secret that the European Union is on the skids - every day new twists in the sovereign debt crisis dominate the headlines. But if the EU does break up, what will rise in its place? Jeff Thomas explores and weighs the possibilities.

Selecting Your First Overseas Market

If you've followed IM as of late, you may be familiar with Ed Marsh, an expert of the IM Triangle's Income Element - specifically - how to diversify one's business income internationally. Expanding business overseas can appear very exciting, but there are often pitfalls along the way that can impact even the best laid plans. In today's piece, Ed shares his insights about picking your first international markets for expansion.

5 Need-to-Know Questions before You Choose an International Broker

Most people are truly unaware of the opportunities that lie outside their borders. The opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, but also from a strictly dollars and cents point of view. But before you can profit, you need access. That's where a good international broker comes into play.

The American Berlin Wall in Cuba

Due to the US embargo, most of what Americans know about Cuba comes from their mainstream national media - not exactly the most impartial source. Yet there is much to learn, and in today's feature, Jeff Thomas attempts to enlighten us.

Who is Ann Barnhardt?

The criminal finance system that is in place around the world has just lost another participant and, if enough bricks are removed, the wall may come down completely and we will all be able to see the true nature of the beast within. Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, wrote the following points as part of an open letter to friends, clients and industry colleagues when she closed operations at her firm on November 17, primarily due to realizations made as a result of the MF Global collapse.

Create a “Live Anywhere” Lifestyle Business - Part 2

As an important part of the Internationalization - income diversification in this manner is something almost anyone can do.

Is Uncle Sam Reading Your Email?

Those who are regular readers of International Man are familiar with the ever-increasing intrusions by the State into all aspects of life, including digital life. What some people may not be aware of, however, is that many governmental intrusions into the digital realm are not new but are innovative applications of pre-existing laws. Corporations such as Apple, Google, etc. are constantly creating new devices and software that improve our lives and ability to communicate. One drawback of such innovations is that governments are applying archaic communications laws designed for a previous technological era to spy on the activities of citizens today.

“What are the best structures outside of IRAs to defer tax at the lowest rates?”

Question from a US-based IM Member: "What are the best structures outside of IRAs to defer tax at the lowest rates?"

Will America Bounce Back?

It seems obvious that the world economy is heading for a crash. But what will become of America after the crash? Will the same pioneering spirit that founded the nation return to reconstruct it? Will America bounce back? IM correspondent Jeff Thomas thinks not.

Can a Military Man become an International Man?

Chris Hess has experienced a life not too many of us can imagine... as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force. Traveling around the world working for Uncle Sam. But he has also been someone who has taken the message of internationalization to heart.

Create a “Live Anywhere” Lifestyle Business

Part of IM's Internationalization Triangle is to diversify one's source of income. And one of the best ways of doing that is by creating a business that can be run anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an internet connection.

Do this before you move your money overseas

Over the past two weeks, we've been speaking with Frank Suess, CEO of the Swiss-based wealth planning and management firm, BFI Capital, as well as the leader of the increasingly popular gold storage program Global Gold. Let's continue...

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