Why Switzerland?

Today, we're going to continue the interview we started last week with Frank Suess, CEO of BFI Capital, Swiss-based wealth planning and management service, as well as the leader of the increasingly popular gold storage program Global Gold. In this interview, exclusive to International Man, Frank will share details of the company's services including Global Gold, as well as a wealth of knowledge over decades of experience in the industry. Let's continue...

Third Culture Kids

Raising children in a stable environment is tough at the best of times. Raising them in an unfamiliar foreign culture can be particularly challenging. That said, most children tend to acclimate much more quickly than us adults to new situations. However, not everything will run smoothly. Being born into one culture and raised in a second often results in children who incorporate bits of both into their identity, creating a "Third Culture Kid".

Rewriting History - It’s Nothing New

I have always found American history interesting, perhaps more colourful than British History. The heroes were always more heroic; the causes more clear. This was particularly true with regard to the period during which the American colonists broke free from Britain. To this day, I consider them thoroughly justified, as they had become a highly productive people who were regarded simply as a cash cow for the Crown.

A Glimpse at Thai Culture

One of the more popular expat spots on the planet is Thailand, even with the dramatic cultural differences between the Thai people and Farang (the Thai term for Westerners). However, one fellow very knowledgeable about the differences is Bill Drake, a former member of the Peace Corps who spent much of his professional life traveling and training Western personnel for big corporations on how to manage living and doing business in foreign lands.

Can You Afford To Eat?

It's an odd question and for most of our readers, it's irrelevant. In fact, the opposite is probably true - we have too much to eat and, at least for those in the developed nations, that's causing an epidemic of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. But what if it were different? Most people don't like to think about it, but what would happen if there was a wholesale interruption in the food distribution system in major cities like New York, Los Angeles or London? What would happen when people realize they can't feed their families - if even for a few weeks? Riots? Revolution? Sadly, the relative fragility of the system could eventually lead to such a situation. Jeff Thomas explains.

What Will Trigger the Crash?

We hear from those in the know that the economic crisis that began in 2008 is nowhere near finished. In fact, we're barely even started. The current financial system is collapsing and the crisis is not going to end until the decades-old distortions created by government manipulation of the money supply are wound down.

Dancing the Immigration Tango in Uruguay

As we've mentioned before, internationalization can be thought of as a buffet where you take what you want and leave what you don't. Some people want to simply diversify their assets across jurisdictions, while others want to internationalize their income streams. Still others go the whole hog and internationalize themselves personally as well.

Making Sense Out of the Great Unraveling

IM Correspondent Jeff Thomas takes us through some common sense strategies you can use to avoid what he calls, "The Great Unraveling", a coming period of volatility that will end with the collapse of much of the First World economies...

How to Internationally Diversify Your Business

Last week, we introduced you to Ed Marsh, an US-based business diversification expert. I was impressed with his knowledge of the topic and have asked him to share some more of his insights with our readership. As we've talked about before, income is one of the three elements of The IM Triangle, a model we developed that, when put into action, can bring you all the benefits internationalization has to offer.

The Cop-Turned-Copywriter and International Entrepreneur

Exclusive interview with Dan Gallapoo aka "Doberman Dan", a serial entrepreneur and professional copywriter who specializes in building online businesses that can operate anywhere in the world without his direct daily involvement.

Will There Be Hyperinflation?

Jeff Thomas addresses an important topic and a constant source of argument within economic circles - whether we're heading into an overall deflation or inflation scenario. And if inflation, whether it will take on a "hyper" aspect to it as occurred in the German Weimar Republic of the '20s, and more recently Yugoslavia in the '90s or Zimbabwe of the past few years. So, could the US face a hyperinflation scenario? Let's take a look.

The Case for E-Mail Diversification

It should come as no surprise to our longer-term readers that International Man exists for two main reasons: 1) Living life as an International Man - treating the world as one big playground that offers virtually unlimited opportunities to achieve whatever you want. 2) Financial, personal and income diversification to limit jurisdictional risk. It's into this second category that today's feature article falls.

How to “Export” Your Business Overseas

One of the three pillars of international diversification is that of income (the other two are assets and personal). In some respects, establishing a source of independent income not tied to any one specific jurisdiction is the most important task long-term because it gives you the freedom to live life as you desire rather than how others dictate. One of the best ways to do this is through entrepreneurship.

Why Do They Stay?

I think it's safe to say that the great majority of people in many First World nations are now more aware than ever that there is something truly wrong with their country, and with their economy, than they have ever experienced before. They seem to agree that the near-term future will not be better but worse than it is now.

An American Family in Oman

We're very happy to bring you this interview with an American expat currently based in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, an area of the world that Western media would have you believe is full of terrorists, suicide bombers, rioters and other such things...not the kind of place you'd want to go yourself and especially not one to take your family to. However, that's just what Matt Tremblay did. And, contrary to the biased news stories, it turned out to be a pretty nice place.

“Is it advisable to open an account in a small bank in Switzerland, rather than one with branches in

“Is it advisable to open an account in a small bank in Switzerland, rather than one with branches in other countries of the EU due to the 30% with-holding tax?"

Naked and Penniless into the Heart of the Congo…

We received an e-mail from an IM reader a few days ago regarding our recently published article by Doug Casey entitled, Money - How to Get and Keep It. The letter states: Doug says, "You could airdrop me naked and penniless into the heart of the Congo, and by the time I emerged, I'd not just have survived, I'd come out wealthy."

Seeking Inspiration in Going Forward

No one could doubt that we are living in difficult times, or that the economic, political and social conditions we are experiencing are unprecedented in our lifetimes. Where, then, do we turn for guidance? Well, as luck would have it, history is rich with fine people who have gone before us.

Q&A on Multiple Flags

We receive quite a few messages from our readers – questions, comments and feedback about our service. A few days ago, I received the following message: “I’m brand new at this [internationalization] and not quite sure where to start. There is so much to do and it is all overwhelming. Any suggestions?”

Bolthole On A Budget

Amongst the responses International Man received from a recent article regarding internationalizing oneself, we received the following question from Joe MI: “Should someone who can’t afford to take multiple trips just forego the thought of expatriating?”

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