Create a “Live Anywhere” Lifestyle Business

If you'd like to travel or live anywhere in the world and still enjoy a significant income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, then you'll enjoy this article.

Over the next few minutes I'm going to show you how to make a very good living (and even possibly get wealthy) regardless of where in the world you choose to live. No longer will you be tied down to one location because you have to be close to your job or business. You can enjoy a significant, predictable and reliable income by taking your business with you anywhere in the world.

And how exactly are you going to do this? Well, today I'm going to show you how to start your own low cost, part time "lifestyle" business, even if you have zero business or marketing experience.

Before we get into the details, I should probably introduce myself and explain why I'm qualified to show you how to make a lot of cashola in your own "lifestyle" business.

My name is Dan Gallapoo, but I'm better known as Doberman Dan. It's kinda hard to describe to the average person what I actually do for a living. I gave up trying to explain it years ago. I usually just tell Joe Q. Public I'm a writer... because if I tell them what I REALLY do, they look at me like I've got two heads.

Actually, I'm a copywriter and serial direct marketing entrepreneur. I prefer to call myself a "kitchen table entrepreneur" because these direct marketing/online marketing businesses I create can be started on your kitchen table with nothing but a yellow pad and pen (or a laptop if you have one), an Internet connection and most importantly, the squishy gray matter between your ears.

I've created businesses and written copy for a bunch of different markets and niches but my specialty has been the health market, fitness market and what I affectionately call the "muscle-head" market - bodybuilders.

I've done very well over the years and now, in addition to running my own companies, I occasionally work with individuals to help them achieve the same results as I have... often on a limited budget.

What exactly is a "kitchen table" direct response business, you ask?


It's a business you start "boot strap-style" at your kitchen table with very little money, equipment, inventory or... actually... without much of anything at all... except your creativity and brains.

Direct response refers to a type of marketing that used to be called mail order. But since your customers can now order from you not only by mail but also phone and Internet, mail order isn't exactly accurate anymore. Direct response is the same principle, different name. It's a results based marketing approach that relies on getting a return on every dollar you put out there, rather than the vague measurability of "brand advertising".

It's the only form of marketing that allows one to be truly successful on a shoestring budget without the drudgery of manual labor. And, thanks to the power of technology, it's a model perfectly suited to those who want to internationalize their income.

I started my initial kitchen table business (KTB) with nothing but a yellow notepad and ballpoint pen... literally. And 17 years later, it's STILL supporting my bad habits of sleeping indoors and eating... along with a few other guilty pleasures.

In fact, now that I think about it, showing you step-by-step how I started my first KTB is probably the best way to explain the concept to you.

Knowing what I know now... if I had to do it all over again...

This is how I would start again today

But with a few important little tweaks I'll reveal later.

First, let me take you back a few years (okay, decades) to my exploits as a teenager in Barberton, Ohio.

I was the typical skinny kid tired of getting sand kicked in his face. I wanted to bulk up so I could defend myself when necessary... and hopefully attract a few ladies. (Both of which I've accomplished, by the way.)

I started buying muscle magazines, bodybuilding courses, nasty-tasting protein powders and other assorted "goop" that was supposed to transform me into a mini version of "Aaahnold" in 6 to 8 weeks.

None of that stuff actually worked too well but some of it DID get me a little closer to my goals. So I was hooked... and I turned into a rabid mail order buyer of bodybuilding products.

When I first discovered this mail order/direct response business stuff, naturally, the first niche I chose to start a business in was bodybuilding. After all, I was already a customer in that market and I understood the hopes, dreams and desires of the customers.

(That's rule #1, by the way, is to get into something you know and enjoy.)

Plus, I figured I was going to continue reading bodybuilding publications and buying products in that niche anyway... so I might as well make a few bucks, too.

If I would have chosen a niche like mini donkeys I would have been bored to tears. As profitable as it may be, I have no interest whatsoever in mini donkeys. No matter how much money I made, it would feel like a J-O-B.

But the bodybuilding niche was FUN.

(That's rule #2: Choose a well-defined niche that you can make an impression on.)

So I dove in and created my first product, a bodybuilding course for beginners and "hard gainers." It was initially a dismal failure. But after seeking out advice from more experienced marketers and a little tweaking on my part, it turned out to be a success. Not a HUGE success, mind you... but it put some extra coin in my pocket and after about a year it grew to where I was able to quit the dead-end civil service job I had grown to hate.


Part 2 of Doberman Dan's discussion on how to create a portable "lifestyle business" will continue next week. In the next installment, you'll discover the exact, step-by-step blueprint Dan used to create a business that has supported him for the last 17 years now, giving him the freedom to travel and live anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Dan Gallapoo, aka "Doberman Dan", is a serial entrepreneur and professional copywriter who specializes in building online businesses that can operate anywhere in the world. For more articles and information, go to

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