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Seeking Galt’s Gulch

If ever there were to be a time that a Galt’s Gulch should be created by those seeking an escape from bureaucracy, it would be now.

There Might Be Dragons (the Fear of Internationalization)

If you’re alarmed by the growing threat – from your own government – to your financial health and personal freedom, I can’t blame you.

There Goes the Neighbourhood

It was a difficult decision, but for many, it proved to be for the best.

International Man Expat Interviews—British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is a popular choice for those seeking to expatriate from the US while experiencing minimal changes in lifestyle.

The Need to Escape Collapsing Empires

Don’t fence yourself in. Be willing to move and safeguard your assets to build life again for your children and grandchildren in a better environment.

Shopping for the Right-Sized Country

In seeking a country, size does matter. Ironically, though, smaller is often better.

Three Primary Factors in Gaining Acceptance as an Expat

If you do these three things you will significantly increase the chances of successfully living in another country.

“There’s Nothing Like Beirut in the Summer”

Nick Giambruno talks about his experiences in the Middle East and international diversification tips.

Fear of Going Abroad, Part 3—The Locals

The third greatest fear amongst those considering expatriation is the potential lack of acceptance from the locals.

Fear of Going Abroad, Part 2—Personal Ties

Obligations to family keep many people from expanding their horizons, even if they believe that a move will better their lives.

Internationalization Q & A

A guide to the most frequently asked questions.

Fear of Going Abroad, Part 1—Lack of Funds

How people of modest means can internationalize.

A Blueprint for Internationalizing Yourself

A commonsense guide for those considering internationalization.

Doug Casey on Internationalization

Best-selling author Doug Casey discusses why expatriating from the West will become much more difficult in the coming years – and why it’s more necessary than ever to do it.

A ‘Boots on the Ground’ Perspective in Cyprus

Geoff is a Canadian expat who is retired and lives in Cyprus. He shares with us what is happening on the ground there and how he decided to make the Mediterranean island his home.

Seeking a Spirit Of Benevolence

The “welcome mat” is different in each country. As the First World devolves, we will see a steady increase in people seeking asylum in countries other than their birth country. Interestingly, many people who are making their first major move overseas overlook one of the most critical criteria – the attitude and mindset of the local people.

The Burning Barn

Expatriation, both of assets and oneself, is a common thread in many articles and forum posts on the International Man Network and elsewhere. Today, Jeff Thomas talks about the opposite side of the equation – repatriation – returning to one’s original country.

Meet the Founder of the Expat Blog

International Man members might be familiar with the Expat Blog, a gathering place for expats living abroad and for people wanting information about specific countries around the world. It is our pleasure today to bring you an interview with Julien Faliu, founder of the Expat Blog.

Demystifying Panama – Part 1

If you have ever considered relocating to or investing in Panama, and you do not know, or at least know of, Bob Adams, you are behind the curve. It is impossible to sum up in one sentence who or what Bob is, but suffice it to say he is an American who has lived and worked all over the world for many years, with foreign aid programs, humanitarian agencies and international businesses, all dealing with economic development. As such, he has his finger on the pulse of global economic news, and his eye on the implications of world events.

How to Avoid Diversification Disappointment

There are many things to consider when one decides to internationalize. There will be some give-and-take, and we probably won’t find everything that we want in any one location. However, with some forethought and imagination, we can find a place that will suit us fairly well. Jeff Thomas discusses a few of these considerations and how to avoid being disappointed.

Searching for Opportunities in the Great White North

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Andrey Dashkov, a very recent immigrant from the northeastern European country of Belarus. He and his wife both moved across the pond to Canada in late 2011 and in this interview, Andrey talks about his experiences and what it took for him to leave his homeland for the Great White North.

Living the PT Life with Kids in Tow

If you dream of living the PT [permanent traveller] lifestyle but have children and are concerned that it will be too difficult to move around with kids in tow, not to worry. I personally know a number of people who have done and continue to do it successfully.

A Yank in the Land of the Yodel (Part 2)

Last week, we began a conversation with Scott Schamber, an expat who left Wisconsin to establish a life in the mountainous land of Switzerland. Today, we’ll conclude the discussion with some remarks on who would be best suited for this Alpine environment, the biggest advantages the country can offer to would-be residents, and ending with some wise words of advice for would-be expats.

Not Just Gin and Tonics: Why Being An Expat Wife Is Harder Than You Think

While the name “International Man” may be gender specific, the stories and suggestions we offer are certainly not intended to be. There are a number of readers that fit in the “International Woman” column and today’s featured article is just for them. In the piece, expat writer Erica Knecht speaks to us on a very personal level about finding these new roles through her experiences living overseas as an “expat wife”. A Canadian now living in Japan, she has also lived in China and India, following her husband as he moved around from job to job – through the good, the bad, the highs and the lows.

Help… I’m Stuck in a Bureaucracy and Can’t Get Out!

Have you ever stood across the counter from a government bureaucrat and wanted to scream in frustration? Imagine the same scene taking place in a foreign country, with a different culture, where they speak a language you don’t know. What would you do? Not to worry… you are not alone and help is on the way!

Third Culture Kids

Raising children in a stable environment is tough at the best of times. Raising them in an unfamiliar foreign culture can be particularly challenging. That said, most children tend to acclimate much more quickly than us adults to new situations. However, not everything will run smoothly. Being born into one culture and raised in a second often results in children who incorporate bits of both into their identity, creating a “Third Culture Kid”.

An American Family in Oman

We’re very happy to bring you this interview with an American expat currently based in the Middle Eastern country of Oman, an area of the world that Western media would have you believe is full of terrorists, suicide bombers, rioters and other such things…not the kind of place you’d want to go yourself and especially not one to take your family to. However, that’s just what Matt Tremblay did. And, contrary to the biased news stories, it turned out to be a pretty nice place.

Growing Up With The Cayman Islands

We have the pleasure to introduce Bruce Johns, a successful business owner that left the UK at the age of 26 to establish himself in the Cayman Islands just as its rise as an offshore centre was starting to create the prosperity the country enjoys today.

The Ugly American

Recently, I read an interview with an American entrepreneur who stated that the US is now “destroyed” and that he has moved to a South American country with the intention of creating several businesses.

South American Opportunities: Interview with Uruguay Expat & Entrepreneur Brian Meissner

US Expat Brian Meissner set up a successful hostel in Uruguay straight out of College. How did he do it? And what other opportunities are currently available to Western entrepreneurs? This interview will reveal the answers…

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