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Straws in the Wind 12/2/14

Reuters |
Eurozone yields hit record low, Nigeria devalues currency to record low, Italian unemployment hits record high, S&P 500 logs 47th record high close for year.

Straws in the Wind 10/28/14

Various |
Afghan opium poppy yield and Canadian household debt hit record highs.

Straws in the Wind 10/21/14

Various |
German, Irish, and Spanish bond yields hit record lows, while US government tax revenues and milk prices hit record highs.

Straws in the Wind 10/7/14

Bloomberg |
US consumer debt, spending on gasoline, ATM fees, and Putin's approval rating hit record highs while Venezuela's currency hits a new record low.

Number of Billionaires Hits Record High

There are now 2,325 people in the world with a net worth of at least $1 billion.

Straws in the Wind 9/23/14

Gallup |
Trust in government and mainstream media hit record lows, while dairy prices and government tax revenues reach record highs.

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