The Great Marijuana Bull Market Has Officially Arrived

The Great Marijuana Bull Market Has Officially Arrived

The next great bull market has arrived.

It will last for years…and make early investors more money than they can fathom.

And yet, no one’s talking about this. In fact, I’m probably the first person to bring this to your attention.

So, what am I talking about exactly?

It’s obviously not U.S. stocks. They’ve been in a bull market since 2009.

It’s not cryptocurrencies, either. Everyone and their mother knows about that explosive rally.

I’m talking about Canadian pot stocks.

On the first week of October, the Canadian Marijuana Index soared 10%…

This index tracks 18 major Canadian pot stocks. It’s one of the best ways to track Canada’s marijuana industry.

The Canadian Marijuana Index is now up 25% since hitting a nine-month low in July.

More importantly, Canadian pot stocks are now more than 20% off their previous lows…

This means they’re officially in a bull market.

That’s important for a number of reasons.

But the main one is psychological. You see, most investors aren’t contrarians like us. They like to buy what’s hot.

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Because of this, most people won’t buy stocks until they’re soaring. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Canadian pot stocks.

After the huge rally earlier this month, the Canadian Marijuana Index is already up another 4.3%. The best Canadian blue-chip pot stocks have surged more than 10%.

The higher these stocks go, the more buyers they attract.

And the sky’s the limit…

After all, many Canadian pot stocks doubled or tripled in value during the last marijuana bull market. The best ones soared 1,000%…2,000%…or, in some cases, more than 5,000%.

Those are life-changing gains. But you could make even more money during this new bull market.

I’ll explain why in today’s essay. I’ll also show you an easy way to set yourself up for monster gains.

But let me first tell you why I’m writing about Canadian pot stocks…

Canada’s marijuana market is about to explode…

And there’s a simple reason for this.

Canada started the process of legalizing recreational marijuana at the national level in April. 

If all goes according to plan, recreational pot will be legal across Canada by next July. And that would have a huge impact on Canada’s $400 million legal marijuana industry.

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In fact, accounting firm Deloitte thinks Canada’s marijuana market could be worth as much as $9 billion once recreational use rolls out.

In other words, Canada’s legal marijuana market could get 22 times larger, practically overnight.

But that’s not the only reason I’m so bullish on Canadian stocks…

Canada’s about to dominate the global marijuana trade…

Regular readers know exactly what I’m talking about.

You see, marijuana legalization is spreading across the world.

Australia legalized medical marijuana back in February 2016. Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, did the same thing less than a year later. Mexico, South Africa, and Argentina have also softened their cannabis laws in recent months.

There are now 29 countries that have legalized some form of medical cannabis.

There’s just one problem…

Most of these countries haven’t developed their own marijuana industries yet…

So, they must get their pot from somewhere else.

And Canada and the Netherlands are the only two countries that export weed.

But here’s the thing… The Netherlands’ marijuana economy centers around “coffee shops” in places like Amsterdam.

Canada’s marijuana industry, on the other hand, has its sights set on global domination. In fact, it’s already shipping marijuana to five continents.

You can’t say the same about U.S. marijuana companies…

Although marijuana is legal in some U.S. states, it’s still a Schedule I drug at the federal level.

The federal government considers it more dangerous than cocaine or methamphetamine.

This stance isn’t just ridiculous. It’s holding back the entire U.S. pot industry.

It’s why most U.S. marijuana companies must operate cash businesses. It’s why these companies have such a tough time securing capital. It’s also why U.S. marijuana companies can’t send product across state lines…let alone abroad.

In short, Canada’s marijuana industry is miles ahead of the U.S. marijuana market.

And that’s exactly why I’ve been urging investors to buy Canadian pot stocks since July

If you took my advice you’re probably sitting on big gains.

In fact, one of the Canadian pot stocks Nick Giambruno and I recommended in Crisis Investing has soared 59% in less than two months.

That’s an extraordinary gain. But it’s nothing compared to what’s about to come…

So, consider buying Canadian marijuana stocks if you haven’t already. The easiest way to do this is with the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMMJ.TO).

This fund invests in 10 large marijuana stocks. It’s a diversified way to profit from the new marijuana bull market.

Editor’s Note: If you really want to strike it rich in marijuana, an ETF won’t do the trick. You need to own the best marijuana stocks—the McDonald’s and Amazons of the pot world.

To find those companies, Justin’s been traveling all over the world. He’s met with marijuana CEOs, venture capitalists, and even master growers. And this “boots on the ground” research has led him to three companies poised to deliver monster gains in the years ahead.

You can learn about them by watching this brand-new presentation.

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