We’re All Criminals Now

One disturbing aspect of the political risk in the US is the trend of overcriminalization.

When you consider the totality of all the laws, regulations, codes, and rules that Americans are subject to (which are often broad and vague), it is practically impossible for anyone to be fully compliant.

In other words, we are all criminals now.

According to a civil liberties lawyer and author, the average American unknowingly commits three felonies a day. Overzealous prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes with draconian penalties on any one of us through some sort of technicality, for even the most seemingly harmless behavior.

This means Americans essentially live under the discretion and whims of prosecutors and the government, who can pick and choose whose lives they would like to destroy.

Take for example the recent and tragic case of Aaron Swartz the 26-year old internet entrepreneur who committed suicide amid a potential sentence of 35 years in prison for a victimless crime."Cruel and unusual" doesn't even begin to describe the penalties involved in the Swartz case, which were extremely disproportionate to any conceivable harm caused.

On to some good news: there has been some success in pushing back against the civil forfeiture laws in the US. These laws are essentially licenses for the government to steal.  They surprisingly do not require you to be convicted or charged with a crime for the government to seize your property or business at the drop of a hat.

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Fortunately you can legally insulate yourself from the whims of any government through internationalizing yourself, your savings, and your business.

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Nick Giambruno

Nick Giambruno

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