International Trusts

A properly structured international trust provides the maximum level of protection from anything that happens in your own country.

In terms of asset protection, nothing comes close to an international trust. It is the top-shelf solution.

An international trust is far and away the most powerful of all financial planning devices. Handled properly, it is virtually impenetrable to future creditors and is especially helpful in estate planning. It is also the most complex device and hence the one most likely to be handled ineptly.

Below are the top International Man articles dealing with international trusts.

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For further details, you may want to check out Terry Coxon’s International Trust Guidebook, which explains it all. It’s thoroughly footnoted with tax law and court case references—the kind of supporting details that your lawyer or accountant would insist on. It’s like having your own asset protection lawyer right by your side and can save you thousands in legal fees in setting up an international trust.

Top Articles

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