Your A-Z Guide on Internationalization

Dear International Men and Women,

Doug Casey has said over and over that spreading your political risk beyond one jurisdiction is the single most important thing he can recommend today.

Political risk is minimized when you don't depend absolutely on any one particular country. Having all your eggs in one basket only makes it easier for someone to grab them all. Being internationalized makes it much harder for any particular government to control you.

You probably already know something about the avalanche of new laws, taxes, and regulations that are in the works. They are a direct threat to your future prosperity. Fortunately it is not too late to take action to protect yourself from an out-of-control government through international diversification.

In case you have not yet heard, I would like to introduce you to Going Global, an all-new, in-depth report from Casey Research. It is a comprehensive road map on the best ways to diversify internationally. You may be surprised to learn that there are many practical strategies that can be done from the convenience of your own home.

It contains over 100 pages of up-to-date guidance on everything, including the best countries to open an offshore bank account, invest in foreign real estate, store physical precious metals, obtain a second passport, and also how to handle tax-filing time without worry, plus much more.

In short, Going Global is an indispensable guide for you to develop and implement your internationalization game plan.

Give Your Bank Account (and Yourself) Diplomatic Immunity

Inside we reveal:

  • How to move your IRA investments offshore – with the US government talking about taking control of private pensions, it's more important than ever to get your retirement money out of the country.
  • How to store gold internationally – as well as the best ways to legally transport it across borders.
  • Everything you need to know about foreign trusts – these offer virtually ironclad protection from lawsuits, currency controls, confiscation, and more.
  • The most favorable jurisdictions to open an offshore bank account – these countries all have modern, well-regulated banking systems with a high level of service and product variety – and still take American customers.
  • Strategies for buying foreign real estate – this substantially diversifies your sovereign risk, and there are no reporting requirements forcing you to disclose foreign property holdings.

Going Global also provides strategies on internationalizing yourself, including the best countries to obtain a second passport and how to do it.

Take the First Step Toward International Diversification Today

We will no doubt see the major underlying trend of increasing political risk (especially for Westerners) get worse as governments sink deeper into fiscal and moral bankruptcy.

It is only prudent and logical to assume that you will, somehow and someway, continue to be squeezed harder in the pocketbook and subjected to escalating arbitrary and burdensome regulations and restrictions. In short, expect more government and less freedom all around.

The window to protect yourself from these risks by diversifying internationally verifiably gets smaller with each passing week.

It is necessary that you develop the options to internationalize before the government closes the window of opportunity to do so. If history is any guide, it won't be open forever.

When that window closed in Cyprus on a seemingly ordinary Saturday morning earlier this year, it took many people by surprise.

It's not just Cyprus either, history has shown that any government that is sufficiently desperate would do the same thing, and often worse.

Don't let it happen to you.

It is much better to have developed and implemented your internationalization game plan a year early rather than a minute late.

Click here to learn more about Going Global now.






Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor

Nick Giambruno

Nick is Doug Casey’s globetrotting companion and is the Senior Editor of Casey Research’s International Man. He writes about economics, offshore banking, second passports, value investing in crisis markets, geopolitics, and surviving a financial collapse, among other topics. In short, Nick’s work helps people make the most of their personal freedom and financial opportunity around the world. To get his free video crash course, click here.

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