Bill Drake

Bill Drake

Often seen in: Never seen - not reclusive, just never seen.
Profession: Writer - self-published as well as conventionally published
Reports on: Cross-cultural country studies aimed at arousing the curiosity of the inquisitive reader who is considering working or living in the subject country.

Summary: Bill's writing interests cover a wide range of expat concerns, including family, education and personal security issues as well as how to manage cross-cultural differences more effectively.

Fun Fact: Bill recently turned seventy, and is pleased to report that he can still wiggle his toes and remember where his slippers are first thing in the morning.

Bill is also the author of "The Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana" which when first published in 1969 urged its readers to struggle for the right to grow their own marijuana or face a future dominated by a narco-based high technology police state.

More About Bill Drake:

Bill Lives a writer's quiet life in the Texas Hill Country. His 26 volume "Cultural Dimensions Of Expatriate Life" eBook series is the embodiment of his learning and materials from years of international traveling, training and cross-cultural coaching. "Cultural Dimensions" guides are written in an easy-to-read casual style, focusing on the human relationships that a new expat and possibly their family will have to build in order to successfully integrate into their new cultural context.