Kyle Gonzales

Kyle Gonzales

Often Seen In: Airports and restaurants - I travel a lot.
Profession: Managing Director for JumpShip Services, a division of EjectButton Inc.
Reports On: Internet Privacy Issues

Summary: Kyle is a self-taught, self-made business professional with 13 years of experience in the IT industry. Kyle cut his teeth in technical support and admin positions at both tiny ISPs and large corporations. Since then he has handled a number of leadership positions in the IT world from corporate networking to technical sales. As one of the primary business contacts for JumpShip Services, Kyle makes sure that their customers get the experience they expect and deserve.

Fun Fact: Spent over 250 nights on the road between 2010 and 2011. Did I mention that I travel alot?

More about Kyle Gonzales:

Kyle enjoys experiencing new cities and new countries, especially through their food. A good local restaurant is the first place he will head upon landing whether it's for corvina in Panama City, poutine in Ottawa, or chivitos in Montevideo.