Mark Svoboda

Mark Svoboda

Often Seen In: New Orleans, LA / Russia; and starting from summer 2012 - likely in Latin America.
Profession: Petroleum engineer by education and by occupation of the last 9 years
Reports on: Personal Diversification

Summary: Mark Svoboda is a Russian originally from a "tiny town in Siberia" who spent 5 years in Moscow studying in college during the post-Perestroika "crazy 90s" (his words), after which he worked in the Russian oil and gas industry. Tiring of their routine in Russia, Mark and his wife moved to Louisiana where he worked on deep water oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. While Mark and his wife "spent an incredible few years in the US", both feel that it is time for them to find their next America - a place that values personal freedom and offers economic opportunities.

Fun fact: He always takes his friends visiting from Russia on a shocking culture tour to ... nearby Walmart (to show American consumerism in action). Tour reviews rank highest when we manage to spot an overweight shopper riding electric shopping cart among the store shelves most often for a single reason of being... too lazy to walk by himself.

More about Mark Svoboda:

He really enjoys travelling and noticed recently that his best side opens up only during travels - instead of a typical grumpy individual who is always rushing somewhere he suddenly becomes interested in the world observer, happy to meet new people from different cultures and get engaged in often meaningless but relaxing conversations.

That serves as another reminder to me that sometimes everybody needs to leave their rat race for a few days once in a while and go somewhere unexplored and do something you have never done.