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An Often Overlooked Predator: State Governments and Income Taxes

Depending on which state claims you as its milking cow, the consequences could be substantial.

“Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution”

I must begin with an apology—that I’ve provided readers with such a confusing title to have to digest. It's the title of a decision that was reached by the G20 countries to approve an across-the-board Cyprus-style bail-in.

FATCA: “The Worst Law Nobody Has Ever Heard Of,” Part II

In the second and final part of this article we explore how FATCA has been absolutely devastating to "accidental Americans" who had no idea about their tax reporting obligations.

Financial Repression Is Financial Authoritarianism

Financial repression is a devious tactic that heavily indebted governments inevitably turn to.

America’s Berlin Wall

My estimation (based upon decades of travel to Cuba and personal relationships with Cubans) is that, left alone, Cuba will slowly open up more to capitalism.

FATCA: “The Worst Law Nobody Has Ever Heard Of,” Part I

That so few people understand FATCA is perhaps not surprising. Often, otherwise offensive government actions and institutions are given dull and opaque names to obfuscate their true purpose.

International Man Expat Interviews—British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is a popular choice for those seeking to expatriate from the US while experiencing minimal changes in lifestyle.

Ditching the Dollar

The ability of the world to ditch the dollar will be a major, major change in world economic balance… and a major step forward for world economic freedom.

Is Debt a Big Deal?

When the government borrows just to pay interest, a tipping point will be reached. It will have no flexibility at all, and that will be the end of the game.

“It’s Like Giving a Thief the Key to Your Home”

Historically capital controls, wealth confiscations, currency devaluations, one-off emergency taxes, bail-ins, nationalization of retirement accounts, and other measures are the norm when a government gets desperate enough. Here’s how you protect yourself.

And the World Was Split in Twain

The world is now changing rapidly, and our future plans should be based not on what exists at present, but on what is likely to exist in the future.

Why Singapore Has Become a Top Destination for Offshore Gold Storage

It’s no secret in the gold world that Singapore has become the hottest destination for bullion storage for many precious metals investors. Here's why.

Doug Casey on Russia and Russian Stocks

Sound reasons for intrepid investors to explore opportunities in Russia.

An Opportunity in Hong Kong Real Estate

Hong Kong has been among the freest economies in the world, with minimal regulations and a very high degree of property rights.

For Traders and Asset Managers, Puerto Rico’s Tax Incentives Are a No-Brainer

The Act 20 and Act 22 tax benefits in Puerto Rico are perfect for traders, hedge funds, private equity firms, and all asset managers.

Venezuela—The Sequel

Governments always prefer inflation to deflation and even declare inflation to be beneficial.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Switzerland

Switzerland has long been and still is the world's top offshore banking jurisdiction.

Diocletian for President

It would seem quite possible that the next president of the US may resemble Diocletian.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Obama’s Failed Approach to Corporate Inversions

It galls me to hear demagogic politicians like Obama make absurd statements about “unpatriotic” corporations that redomicile overseas, when the problem is entirely the result of bad policy that penalizes US-domiciled firms trying to compete in global markets.

The Best Countries for Lifestyle and Legal Residency

It's crucial to differentiate between lifestyle residency and legal residency, as well as the best countries to consider for both.

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