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Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures

The US government continues to tighten the noose on US taxpayers.

Taking Your Gold for “The Greater Good”

There can be no doubt that the banks cannot deliver on the amount of gold that they have sold their clients on paper. This situation will hit a wall.

America’s Tax-Free Zone

In this exclusive, free video, you'll learn from top financial experts like Doug Casey and Peter Schiff about the current US tax situation that's driving record numbers of Americans to renounce their US citizenship.

What If Silicon Valley Moved to Puerto Rico?

The combination of the R&D, business, and personal tax benefits make Puerto Rico a far better option than Silicon Valley.

A Former SWIFT Insider on Financial Warfare, the Fate of the Dollar, and Bitcoin

SWIFT is truly integral to the international financial system. It behooves you to appreciate how it works to better understand some of the big-picture trends in the world today.

Collectivism: A Self-Renewing Concept

Collectivism is a self-renewing disease for which there is no antidote. Typically, it ends not with the realization that it is a lie, but with the expiration of the free-market system on which it feeds.

What It Takes to Live Internationally

Having lived in six different countries and having spent three years literally circling the globe looking for paradise on earth, I have a fair idea of what it takes to successfully internationalize your life.

“There’s Nothing Like Beirut in the Summer”

Nick Giambruno talks about his experiences in the Middle East and international diversification tips.

Will Gold Crash with the Dow… or Soar?

Whatever level of drop gold experiences as a result of deflation, gold will rise up from it like a phoenix—long before other asset classes rise.

A Primer on Tax Havens

The assault on tax havens is economically and morally reprehensible. Tax havens are something that should be applauded, not persecuted.

International Trusts

In terms of asset protection, nothing comes close to an international trust. It is the top-shelf solution.

The Mexican Libertad: The Currency Solution?

Can the Mexican Libertad gold/silver bullion coins offer us a monetary solution?

Jet Lag (or the Lack Thereof)

David Galland talks about some of the benefits of owning foreign real estate.

Are Fake Cell Towers Intercepting Your Calls?

Can you protect your digital data from the ever-encroaching government?

How to Find the Best Offshore Banks

If you're banking according to conventional wisdom then your savings might be at serious risk.

The Economic Blacklist

Every year or two, an economic “blacklist” is made public to warn people as to what jurisdictions are not in compliance with world economic standards.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review—Labuan

If you're a serious entrepreneur and looking to form a tax efficient company, Labuan might be the place for you... especially if you trade across Asia.

This Appalling Practice Is Only Used in Two Nations—And the US Is One of Them

The UN has condemned one country for “using extortion, threats of violence” to collect taxes from its nonresident citizens. It then turns a blind eye to another country doing exactly the same thing…but much worse.

Babson’s Warning

It’s understandable that the great majority of people invariably ignore the Babsons of the world as Chicken Littles and blithely charge toward the cliff like lemmings.

Three Things to Consider When Offshoring Your Email

When properly executed, an international email service can be a reasonable bulwark against those that would invade your privacy. It all depends on proper implementation and execution, however.

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Debunking the Claim That Puerto Rico’s Tax Benefits Are “Hype” or “Too Good to Be True”

The purpose of today’s article is to drive a stake through the heart of these misconceptions and forever put them to rest.


Akin to Porcupines Mating

Russia’s economic and geopolitical cooperation with China and other non-Western Eurasian powers means that whatever happens in the West, it has real and arguably more attractive alternatives.


Three Primary Factors in Gaining Acceptance as an Expat

If you do these three things you will significantly increase the chances of successfully living in another country.


Why Welfare States Hate Tax Havens—Tax Competition

The OECD thinks low-tax nations should be forced to surrender their sovereignty to help high-tax nations like France and Germany prop up their inefficient welfare states.