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Singapore and Gibraltar Reach Agreements with US on FATCA

New FATCA agreements with two major offshore centers.

Advocates Raise Alarm at Growing Gov’t Power to Seize Property

Fox News
With civil forfeiture, police can seize property without proving guilt.

Switzerland to Automatically Share Financial Data

Financial Times
Switzerland has pledged automatically to hand the details of foreign bank accounts to other countries.

Saint Lucia Mulls Economic Citizenship Program

Jamaica Observer
Another potential second passport option.

US To Unleash FATCA On Russian Banks

US to deploy an economic weapon that could prove more costly than sanctions.

Time to Admit That Gold Peaked in 2011?

Casey Research
According to some analysts, on an inflation-adjusted basis, gold has already matched its 1980s peak—but is that really true?

Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship on Record Pace

If the first-quarter pace continues, the figure could top 4,000 in 2014.

US Grants Itself the Right to Demand Online Data Stored Overseas

Data held overseas by US companies was never safe in the first place.

Senator Suggests Using FATCA to Punish Russia

Ground Report
FATCA is a weapon of international financial warfare.

Cyprus Partially Lifts Capital Controls

All domestic controls have been lifted except the opening of new bank accounts.

More Controversy with Vanuatu Passports

Radio New Zealand International
Beware any offer for Vanuatu passports.

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