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Should You Worry That the Stock Market Just Formed a “Death Cross”?

Casey Research
Maybe. But there are bigger reasons to be nervous right now.

Pay Your Fair Share (to the Teachers’ Union)

Casey Research
Or move some money out of the government's reach while you still can.

Why Stocks Could Fall 50% if the Fed Makes the Wrong Move

Casey Research
One of the most brilliant investors in the world just made a stunning call…

The Risky Investment that Could Make You Millions in the Next Financial Crisis

Casey Research
It's also the ultimate form of insurance.

The Next Silver Bull May Have Already Started

Casey Research
Silver is down 7.1% this year. Will this weakness persist? To find out, let’s look at the key factors in the silver market this year.

There’s a Good Chance Your Bank Is Committing a Major Crime Right Now

Casey Research
Our nation’s biggest banks are among the most flagrant lawbreakers in the world....

Doug Casey: Why the US Is the Next Greece

"I wouldn't keep significant capital in banks," he told Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch. "Most of the banks in the world are bankrupt."

10 Countries With No Militaries

Zero Hedge
Where are they and have you heard of all of them?

The New Rules of Offshore Accounts

Deadlines are looming for U.S. taxpayers who live abroad or have other global financial ties. Here are tips on avoiding pitfalls.

Indian in US? Your Account is Now Under Delhi Surveillance

The erosion of financial privacy worldwide continues.

Study Abroad for Free (or Almost Free)

Washington Post
Seven countries where Americans can study at universities, in English for extremely low costs.

Record Number Give Up US Citizenship

A record 1,335 people renounced their U.S. citizenship or long-term residency during the first quarter of 2015.

Meet Europe’s Newest Tax Haven and Micro-State

A small group of libertarians declared independence for a patch of land on the border between Croatia and Serbia.

Can Freedom-Loving Czechs Build a New Nation on the Danube?

A Czech man named proclaimed a new republic between Serbia and Croatia on the western bank of the Danube.

Uzbekistan Becomes First of Central Asian Republics to Sign up for FATCA

Will the other Central Asian republics follow?

Are Your Ancestors Polish?

Australia Times
You too could benefit from Poland’s generous laws on EU citizenship.

Australia Set to Introduce Tax on Bank Deposits

It’s no surprise at all that governments strapped for cash will dip into bank deposit accounts.

The 30-Cent Tax Premium

Tax compliance employs more workers than Wal-Mart, UPS, McDonald's, IBM and Citigroup combined.

Alberta Bank First in Canada to Shun US Clients Amid FATCA

The Globe and Mail
Anyone who has been following FATCA should not be surprised by this development.

Why Are Americans Giving Up Citizenship?

CNBC International investigates why so many Americans are renouncing their citizenship.

When American Expats Don’t Want Their Kids to Have US Citizenship

US citizens born abroad are technically liable for taxes even if their parents don’t register their birth with American authorities.

‘Micronations’ Declare Independence from the Rest of the World

Daily Mail
There are approximately 400 micronations scattered around the globe.

World Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders
The USA ranks #49, behind the Malta and ahead of Comoros.

Record Number Gave Up US Citizenship in 2014

Latest Count of People Giving Up US Status Is 3,415, Up From 2,999 in 2013.

Coming Soon: No Travel Or Passport If You Owe IRS

The idea is to allow the State Department to revoke, deny or limit passports for anyone the IRS certifies as having a seriously delinquent tax debt.

2015 Outlook: What You Really Need to Know

Casey Research
I interviewed 17 analysts, economists, and authors on what they expect for gold in 2015. Some of those included what we affectionately call our Casey Brain Trust—Doug Casey, Olivier Garret, Bud Conrad, David Galland, Marin Katusa, Louis James, and Terry Coxon.

Puerto Rico’s Acts 20 & 22 Tax Incentives Celebrate 3rd Birthday

The fact that Puerto Rico’s tax incentives are proving sustainable, is no surprise to us. We have long said that they are 100% legitimate and for those who obtain them, they are here to stay.

London Mayor Bows to ‘Outrageous’ Demand to Pay US Tax Bill

All US citizens, including those with dual citizenship, are legally obliged to file a tax return and pay US taxes wherever they are living.

Going Global 2015 Just Released

International Man
International diversification is all about making the most of your personal freedom and financial opportunity.

Should Martians Pay US Taxes?

What the IRS might have to say about American colonists on the Red Planet.

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