Ameri-Canadians Point Fury at Uncle Sam

Vancouver Sun

With the Canadian government’s decision to comply in July with a Washington tax crackdown on “U.S. persons” around the world, many Ameri-Canadians are feeling rising anger, fear and even hatred toward their powerful country of origin. The US is the only major country to tax based on citizenship, not residency.
Canada has for centuries provided a haven for millions of Americans and their descendants, including the United Empire Loyalists who fled persecution during the 18th-century American Revolution, blacks escaping from slavery during the 19th century and draft resisters protesting the Vietnam War in the 20th century. Such Ameri-Canadians have tended to blend into this northern country.
But now FATCA is causing global tax law firms such as Moodys Gartner to question whether maintaining the “juice” of dual American-Canadian citizenship “is worth the squeeze.”
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