Belgium Poker Player Tax to Hit 75%

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Belgium poker players may want to console themselves with some of their fine chocolate when they hear this gut-kicking news, because Belgium wants to hit poker players where it hurts, in the fiscal regions.
In the same week that Belgian player Davidi Kitai finished second at the Winamax Open in Dublin, authorities announced their intention to levy a tax of up to 75% on players’ earnings, suggesting that Kitai might want to remain in Ireland, where there is no tax on winnings at all, for the foreseeable future.
While Belgian gaming law stipulates that gambling winnings should be tax-free, the government has decided that an exception should be made for poker players, because their income, unlike a sudden gambling windfall, cannot be considered to be an “exceptional event.”
It's no surprise that financially desperate governments change the rules on a whim when looking to squeeze their citizens for every drop. 

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