Kuwait Strips Opposition Figures, Relatives of their Citizenship


Kuwait's government has revoked the citizenship of two opposition figures and some family members and shut two media outlets, the state news agency reported, in moves that could deepen a political crisis in the U.S.-allied Gulf Arab state.

The move comes after the cabinet adopted what it called an "iron fist policy" last week following protests over the arrest of a prominent opposition politician, in which the cabinet threatened to remove the citizenship of people suspected of trying to "undermine the stability" of the state.

Any government has the ability to revoke the citizenship and/or passport of its citizens at a moment’s notice under any pretext that it finds convenient. Neither your passport nor your citizenship actually belongs to you. It belongs to the government. Just look at how the US canceled Edward Snowden’s passport by fiat. That was not an aberration. Having a second passport prevents your home government from basically placing you under house arrest by revoking or cancelling your passport for any reason it sees fit. You can find our top picks for the best countries to obtain a second passport in and how to do it in our Going Global publication.

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