Less Red Tape For Converts Seeking Israeli Citizenship


Jews who have undergone conversions abroad and wish to immigrate to Israel will have an easier time obtaining citizenship, under brand new procedures adopted by the Interior Ministry.
The new procedures require the Interior Ministry to rule on citizenship requests submitted by converts within a set amount of time – in cases where all the necessary documentation is provided, within 45 days, and where some documentation is not available or where questions arise about the motives for conversion, within 3-4 months. Until now, it was typical for rulings on these requests to be delayed for many months and even years.
Under the Interior Ministry procedures that had been in force until now but were never committed to writing, converts were required to be active members of their respective Jewish communities abroad for at least nine months before they could move to Israel. Under the new procedures, converts will no longer need to spend the entire nine-month period abroad but can join Jewish congregations in Israel and receive temporary resident visas for the duration of the nine-month period and until their citizenship applications are approved.

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