Russia Targets Dual Citizens

The Moscow Times

Russia is about to criminalize failure to declare dual citizenship in what lawmakers say is a bid to crack down on the "fifth column."

Exposing holders of multiple passports may be the first step to banning dual citizenship, said a holder of US and Russian passports who currently lives on the US' east coast.

The bill's authors say it is a preemptive measure against possible subversive action by dissidents in the face of Moscow's deteriorating relations with the West.

Officials and legislators have been banned from owning assets — though not real estate — outside the country, and foreign travel has been prohibited for some 4 million civil servants out of a total population of 143 million.

Editor's Note: Governments don't like it when you dilute the power they wield over you with a second passport. For the top six reasons why everyone in the world needs a second passport, see here.

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