The Evolving Acceptance of Dual Citizenship

LA Times

Most naturalization applicants keep their original citizenship as they acquire US citizenship. Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Australia and a long list of other countries now openly accept the status. Other countries that officially reject the status, such as China, do nothing to police against it. Out of the top 20 source countries for naturalization applicants in 2013, 19 at least tolerate dual citizenship.
The number of dual citizens is soaring from other sources as well. Children born to immigrants in the United States will automatically have US citizenship at the same time that they will typically inherit their parents' nationality, or nationalities. Other native-born Americans are acquiring the nationality of their ancestors.
Doug Casey has said over and over that spreading your political risk beyond one jurisdiction is the single most important thing he can recommend today. Obtaining a second passport and citizenship in another country is a critical part in heeding Doug's advice. This is because it's a fundamental step towards freeing yourself from absolute dependence on any one country. Achieve that freedom, and it becomes very difficult for any government to control your destiny. The political diversification benefits that come with obtaining a second passport are universal and prudent for anyone in the world to obtain. Here are the top six reasons why everyone needs a second passport.

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