US Government Tries to Mug the Mayor of London


It was only a matter of time before America's economic grab for global imperium, embodied in tax laws and, particularly, the Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act (FATCA), ran up against somebody who might actually be able to push back. Not content to roll those who reside within its own borders, the federal government insists that US citizens and even long-term residents who now live abroad and may not have had a glimpse of amber waves of grain in many years owe Uncle Sam a piece of the take—and that financial institutions around the world must snitch on them to ease the mugging.
Such a broad definition of those subject to the IRS's tender ministrations reaches far and wide. It reaches so far that American tax authorities say Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, owes capital gains taxes to the land of his birth, even though he hasn't lived here since he was five years old.
The thing about Boris Johnson, who says he won't pay, is that he's not your average pushover for the thugs who keep the US government fat and happy. He's not just the mayor of an important city, but he's a player in Britain's ruling Conservative Party, and discussed as a potential future prime minister of the country.
Editor’s Note: There are literally millions of people in a similar situation, they are known as “accidental Americans.” And their lives are being turned upside down from FATCA. We recently interviewed an accidental American, and the shocking story can be found here

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