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Australia on your Pat Malone?

Four blokes in Woolloomooloo head down the frog and toad for a pig’s ear. One offers to get the first shout and heads to the bar. The night feels promising: the music is pumping, the bar is chocka, and, while going for an optic, he spots some talent to approach. He starts chatting up a spunk and feeling good about his prospects, until one of his mates – a larrikin who has tickets on himself – interrupts to cut his lunch. Our hero is not one to quietly cop a blow to his pride, and the evening disintegrates into a blue… Fortunately, we all speak English, so this vignette from an inner-Eastern suburb of Sydney is easy to understand. Wait, it’s not? In that case, read on for an International Man tongue-in-cheek primer on Australian slanguage.