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The Black Market: The Embryonic Free Market

People use the term “black market” negatively. If anything, you should view arbitrary government restrictions negatively, not attempts to bypass these restrictions.

The Growing Threat of the Police State

The US government has consciously created a police state. Here’s what comes next…

The Escape From Collectivism

The US is nearing the worst financial disaster of our lifetimes…

Doug Casey on Cuba

A look at investing in Cuba and the opportunities in real estate, tourism, and cigars.

Viva la Revolución?

One man with a gun can control one hundred without one.

A Forbidden Investment Fruit

Doug Casey has long been interested in this investment of enormous potential…

Rebirth of a Nation

We’re witnessing the birth of a new Cuba. And with it, new opportunities through investment and internationalization.

Obama’s Cuban Ambitions as Seen by Cubans Themselves

Cuba is a huge investing opportunity… The embargo will soon become “a page in the history books.” When this happens, money should pour into Cuba.

Bus Driver Economics

When a country is clearly on the road to socialism, the wisest decision might be to get off the bus.

America’s Berlin Wall

My estimation (based upon decades of travel to Cuba and personal relationships with Cubans) is that, left alone, Cuba will slowly open up more to capitalism.

Cuba’s Past Could Be Your Future

If ever there was a time to assess the future and consider whether to get a second passport and create an escape hatch in another locale, that time is now.

Jay-Z & Beyonce Fall Under Government’s Glare for Cuba Trip

I am not usually one to follow the latest celebrity gossip, but the aftermath of a recent trip to Cuba by Jay-Z and Beyonce caught my attention. Plus, the International Man weekly update.

Question Everything

Jeff talks about one reader who had some choice words, calling him a “chattering nabob”. (The comment is particularly interesting as the very similar “nattering nabobs” was coined by Spiro Agnew, Vice President under Richard Nixon who became only the 2nd US Vice President to resign during his term and the first due to criminal allegations) What caused such a strong reaction? Jeff discusses the topic in today’s article…

The American Berlin Wall in Cuba

Due to the US embargo, most of what Americans know about Cuba comes from their mainstream national media – not exactly the most impartial source. Yet there is much to learn, and in today’s feature, Jeff Thomas attempts to enlighten us.