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Uruguay Or Chile: Which Is Right For You?

The pros and cons of Uruguay and Chile.

Seeking a Spirit Of Benevolence

The “welcome mat” is different in each country. As the First World devolves, we will see a steady increase in people seeking asylum in countries other than their birth country. Interestingly, many people who are making their first major move overseas overlook one of the most critical criteria – the attitude and mindset of the local people.

Australia or New Zealand? Same-Same, But Different

Two isolated, feisty countries, with a shared heritage that squabble like siblings. Spend a bit of time in either country and you’ll hear a litany of jokes disparaging the other. The bigger one picks on the smaller one, and the smaller one gives as good as it gets. Suggesting to a local that the two have anything in common will provoke outrage, but what do the differences actually mean?

Australia on your Pat Malone?

Four blokes in Woolloomooloo head down the frog and toad for a pig’s ear. One offers to get the first shout and heads to the bar. The night feels promising: the music is pumping, the bar is chocka, and, while going for an optic, he spots some talent to approach. He starts chatting up a spunk and feeling good about his prospects, until one of his mates – a larrikin who has tickets on himself – interrupts to cut his lunch. Our hero is not one to quietly cop a blow to his pride, and the evening disintegrates into a blue… Fortunately, we all speak English, so this vignette from an inner-Eastern suburb of Sydney is easy to understand. Wait, it’s not? In that case, read on for an International Man tongue-in-cheek primer on Australian slanguage.

Coping with Culture Shock

The concept of Culture Shock is nothing new. We’ve all heard the term, and perhaps even experienced its symptoms. No doubt, for hundreds of years humans have been subject to the phenomenon as they explored the globe and encountered new peoples. Imagine how Alexander the Great felt upon reaching India, Marco Polo’s reaction when he arrived in China, or Sir Walter Raleigh’s experience with the Native Americans when he disembarked at what is now North Carolina.

“Culture Games”

Have you ever thought about how terribly thin the line is between playing and fighting, between games and conflicts, between sports and battles? This blurry area was in part what inspired author Suzanne Collins to write The Hunger Games. In case you haven’t heard of it, the book has been adapted to film and is now showing at a theatre near you. The story raises the question, is this art imitating life, or life imitating art?

What Is ‘Face’ In Asian Culture and Why Should We Care?

There is no doubt that China is a major force in today’s world. Indeed, the “Middle Kingdom” is no longer a “sleeping dragon” and is shaking the world, just as Napoleon predicted.