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Are they reading your most intimate communication?

With governments around the world increasing surveillance of their citizens, it is becoming ever urgent to take steps to protect one’s privacy. An email is easily read by anyone who can intercept it along its route from sender to receiver. Encrypted email offers a much safer alternative. Guest author Aleksandr explains, and offers a free resource in the process.

The Case for E-Mail Diversification

It should come as no surprise to our longer-term readers that International Man exists for two main reasons: 1) Living life as an International Man – treating the world as one big playground that offers virtually unlimited opportunities to achieve whatever you want. 2) Financial, personal and income diversification to limit jurisdictional risk. It’s into this second category that today’s feature article falls.

Is Online Privacy Dead?

In today’s interview with privacy expert Paul Rosenberg, you’ll discover how to protect your information from online hackers, nosy businesses and intrusive government. Essential reading for all who use the Internet and especially for those who have internationalized and use the Internet as a way to manage their affairs across borders.