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There’s A Bomb Under The Table

When this bomb goes off, it may well prove to do more damage than the most powerful nuclear weapon.

Looking Toward A Post-Crash World

Today we bring you a different type of article from Jeff Thomas. As International Man has grown, more and more readers have come to see Jeff as an interesting and insightful writer on what’s coming round the bend from a geo-eco-political point of view. Following is a compilation of some of the questions he’s received directly from our readers, formatted into an interview format. Enjoy.

HYPERINFLATION – “I’ll wait and see how it goes before I make my move”

Though the definition of “inflation” may have changed over the years, there is no confusion as to what “hyperinflation” is. The question is: will hyperinflation occur within our lifetimes? If so, what might it look like? What will happen to our wealth in such a situation? The ever-insightful Jeff Thomas discusses the history, cause, and results of such a situation.

When They Can’t Afford Walmart

Thanks to an explosion in cheap goods available to the average American consumer, the tagline “Made in America” is rare today. After all, why buy a pair of pants from the American producer when you can buy 3 or 4 relatively equivalent ones imported from the Orient and available in the ubiquitous entity that is your friendly neighborhood Walmart? However, even that situation is changing and, when inflation (and potentially hyperinflation) rears its ugly head, even Walmart might seem too expensive to the regular Joe and Jill.

Will There Be Hyperinflation?

Jeff Thomas addresses an important topic and a constant source of argument within economic circles – whether we’re heading into an overall deflation or inflation scenario. And if inflation, whether it will take on a “hyper” aspect to it as occurred in the German Weimar Republic of the ’20s, and more recently Yugoslavia in the ’90s or Zimbabwe of the past few years. So, could the US face a hyperinflation scenario? Let’s take a look.

Seeking Inspiration in Going Forward

No one could doubt that we are living in difficult times, or that the economic, political and social conditions we are experiencing are unprecedented in our lifetimes. Where, then, do we turn for guidance? Well, as luck would have it, history is rich with fine people who have gone before us.

Food Crisis – The Greatest Threat to Social Stability

How would a food crisis play out on American soil? Food shortages have happened before in many societies around the world and the result is not a pretty picture…