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Fear of Going Abroad, Part 1—Lack of Funds

How people of modest means can internationalize.

Seminal Moments

Some people need a little nudge to jolt them off the path to becoming a passive victim of a desperate government. Sometimes it takes a eureka moment where one suddenly says “Aha! Now I get it.”

Chile is on the Cusp

Thanks in part to a strong currency, respect for private property, and an increasingly attractive social scene, Chile really is beginning to make a name for itself and is becoming one of the premier “safe havens” in the Western Hemisphere.

Doug Casey – Let’s Do A Tour Around The World

Doug’s take on the various regions and countries around the world, including which ones offer the best potential for international diversification.

Chile’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Since the land of the free and home of the brave isn’t looking so free or brave these days, a lot of rational, educated, and inspired people have been deciding to look for greener pastures abroad and parts of Latin America and Asia seem to the preferred locales. In Latin America, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Chile have been attracting the most attention.

Preview of Coming Attractions

As we all observe the Great Unraveling, the slow slide into the second half of the storm that some of us regard as the Greater Depression, an increasing number of people, particularly in Europe and the US, are asking how this will all play out. How will I know when it is time to get out?

What’s Your Internationalization “Trigger Point”?

Remember 1984? The book, not the year. In it, the government is all-knowing, or at least all-watching. Could present day nations be turning into this kind of authoritarian (dare we say “totalitarian”?) Orwellian nightmare? New laws in several countries seem to be tossing out many rights that citizens have long considered their due. Today, Dale Sinner considers some of these new laws and what that means to these rights – and what we can do about the whole situation.

“What if I have no assets to move overseas?”

Recently, a reader posted the following comment at the end of one of our articles: What if you’re not a person with hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up international accounts and businesses in other countries that might be able to withstand the financial meltdown/turmoil of USA? I mean for example if you’re a recent college graduate with only a few dollars in your bank account, is it too late for such a person to get out of dodge?

Top 10 Lessons from a Grizzled PT

It’s a step most people won’t take, but for the right individual the life of a permanent traveller (or “PT” for short) can be one of excitement, richness and variety. Ian Oliver is one such person. Currently based in Eastern Europe, he picked up stakes some time ago to live life as a citizen of the world. Perhaps this is something for you as well. Or perhaps not. Either way, useful lessons follow that are relevant to our ongoing internationalization conversation – straight from the grizzled horse’s mouth.

Be Glad You’re Not in Italy

If you’ve been following the news recently, you’ll be familiar with Italy’s struggles to avoid becoming the next Greek tragedy. To accomplish this difficult task, new Prime Minister and technocrat “Super” Mario Monti is attempting to introduce an aggressive austerity budget. While yet to be passed by legislators, this decree has already been signed by the Italian head of state. Desperate times, desperate measures, eh?

Who is Ann Barnhardt?

The criminal finance system that is in place around the world has just lost another participant and, if enough bricks are removed, the wall may come down completely and we will all be able to see the true nature of the beast within. Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, wrote the following points as part of an open letter to friends, clients and industry colleagues when she closed operations at her firm on November 17, primarily due to realizations made as a result of the MF Global collapse.

Can a Military Man become an International Man?

Chris Hess has experienced a life not too many of us can imagine… as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force. Traveling around the world working for Uncle Sam. But he has also been someone who has taken the message of internationalization to heart.

Why Do They Stay?

I think it’s safe to say that the great majority of people in many First World nations are now more aware than ever that there is something truly wrong with their country, and with their economy, than they have ever experienced before. They seem to agree that the near-term future will not be better but worse than it is now.

Q&A on Multiple Flags

We receive quite a few messages from our readers – questions, comments and feedback about our service. A few days ago, I received the following message: “I’m brand new at this [internationalization] and not quite sure where to start. There is so much to do and it is all overwhelming. Any suggestions?”

The View from the Strip

We first met Bernard Jarvis last week our interview, where he shared his journey starting as an animator in Chicago and ending up an expat in Uruguay. Now he is back with this metaphorical article … a different way of looking at the topic of internationalization.

“Why do I need to Internationalise? I like it where I am.”

Before the story fades completely from the media spotlight, Jeff is back with some public rumination on the recent “Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot of 2011” (as the local media calls it), the psychology of team sports in general and what this has to do with our ongoing internationalization conversation.

How Much More Reason Do You Need?

For many years, those of us who are not American have frequently advised our American friends of the coming economic collapse of the US, suggesting that they prepare a “back door” so that they are not trapped in a location that may well be a problematic and even dangerous place to live for themselves and their families.