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The Ultimate Offshore Bank Account

The problem is there are money-grubbing politicians everywhere…

Financial Martial Law

America has seen plenty of crises before. But this time is different…

Do This Before the US Blacklists Your AmEx

It’s a political weapon. And the US is not shy about using it.

Doug Casey’s Top Two Ways to Store Wealth Abroad

When the going gets tough, governments never control themselves… but they do try to control their subjects.

How to Find the Best Offshore Banks

If you’re banking according to conventional wisdom then your savings might be at serious risk.

Musical Chairs

Don’t gamble all your savings in a game of financial musical chairs.

Doug Casey Debunks the Common Excuses for Staying In One Country

If you don’t get out now, you’ll regret it.

Rothschild: USA Is the New Switzerland

The U.S. is the biggest tax haven in the world.

Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Doug Casey explains how banking is supposed to work vs. how it actually works today.

Capital Controls Are Coming

The carnage always comes by surprise, often on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning…

10 Reasons Why You Need an Offshore Bank Account Today

You may have wondered: “What can an offshore bank account give me that an account at Bank of America can’t?” The answer is: A wide range of benefits you absolutely need.

The Most Popular Reasons for Going Down with the Ship

The number of people who see the writing on the wall is growing exponentially.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Isle of Man

Tucked between the islands of Britain and Ireland in the middle of the Irish Sea, this little island has a lot to offer the international financial sector.

How to Make Sure the Government Can’t Freeze Your Bank Account

Here’s how to make sure what happened to the Greek people can’t happen to you.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Lebanon

No other country’s banks have been through as much political and social turmoil and come out as strong.

The End of the Safe Deposit Box for Wealth Storage

New and seemingly arbitrary restrictions on safe deposit boxes are a new battle in the global War on Cash.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: British Virgin Islands

The BVI is the grandfather of international business companies or IBCs, a type of offshore company.

Not Just for the Rich—How, Where, and Why to Diversify

You don’t necessarily need to leave your home country to achieve international diversification. You can do a lot of things from your living room.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bermuda

A tax haven with an almost squeaky clean reputation, Bermuda plays a pivotal role in tax planning.

What Is Offshore Private Banking?

The best offshore private banks are found in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco, Gibraltar, Singapore, and Lebanon.

Securing Your Assets When Financial Privacy Is Dead

It’s important to identify the countries that are responsible for killing financial privacy, as it gives a clue to the motive.

A Powerful Weapon of Financial Warfare—The US Treasury’s Kiss of Death

It’s an amazingly powerful weapon that only the US government can wield.

How to Open a Bank Account in Chile

It’s very difficult for nonresident foreigners to open a bank account in Chile. There are a few completely legitimate exceptions, though.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bahrain

Bahrain is a lesser-known offshore banking jurisdiction.

Banking in Hong Kong and China, and UnionPay

When you open an account in Hong Kong or China, you can also get access to China UnionPay, the Chinese payment processing system and an alternative to Visa and MasterCard.

Switzerland’s Struggle Against Fiscal Imperialism

Recently I spoke with Roland Meier, who has been a Swiss banker for decades. Roland and I touch on some important topics, including the US’s assault on the Swiss banking system, GATCA, and attempts to create a centralized one-world government.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Switzerland

Switzerland has long been and still is the world’s top offshore banking jurisdiction.

Judge This Country by Its Enemies

Can you name this free-market jurisdiction in the Western hemisphere?

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Singapore

Singapore is a financially sound country with a very business-friendly climate. It’s one of the best offshore banking jurisdictions in the world.

A Former SWIFT Insider on Financial Warfare, the Fate of the Dollar, and Bitcoin

SWIFT is truly integral to the international financial system. It behooves you to appreciate how it works to better understand some of the big-picture trends in the world today.

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