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The Gravest Threat to Your Retirement

It has nothing to do with Social Security, the War on Cash, or the economy…

The U.S. Government Is Targeting Your Retirement Savings… Here’s What You Can Do

Your retirement is a juicy target for the U.S. Government. Is your money safe?

So You Didn’t Get Rich…

The dream of retirement is beginning to feel like a fraud for the baby boomers… Here’s what to do.

Another Government Ponzi Scheme Starts to Crack – Do You Depend on It?

Central banks are playing with fire and are risking a currency catastrophe.

The Disappearing Retirement Fund

Retirement savings are always a juicy target for governments in need of cash.

The Fed Steals from Retirees and Savers—Do This Before They Take Even More

One of the biggest robberies in the history of mankind is happening right now.

“It’s Like Giving a Thief the Key to Your Home”

Historically capital controls, wealth confiscations, currency devaluations, one-off emergency taxes, bail-ins, nationalization of retirement accounts, and other measures are the norm when a government gets desperate enough. Here’s how you protect yourself.

The Next Shot Has Been Fired at Your IRA

Obama’s myRA program was the opening shot in the undeclared war on your retirement savings. And I believe an eyebrow-raising ruling in the US Tax Court is the second shot.

Retire Abroad and Offshore Your IRA

Secure your IRA from bankrupt politicians by taking it offshore. Also, if you look to retire abroad you can substantially reduce your cost of living expenses and not sacrifice quality.

Shield Your Nest Egg from Its Two Biggest Threats

As a government grows, it needs to confiscate a larger portion of private wealth to support its bureaucracies. It also needs to reallocate private wealth to bribe voters and stay in power.

Expatriate to Protect Your Retirement from Inflation

The present economy has resulted in retirement income being far lower than was anticipated, making many Americans realize that they can no longer afford to retire – or at least not in the US.

Your A-Z Guide on Internationalization

You probably already know something about the avalanche of new laws, taxes, and regulations that are in the works. They are a direct threat to your future prosperity.

A ‘Boots on the Ground’ Perspective in Cyprus

Geoff is a Canadian expat who is retired and lives in Cyprus. He shares with us what is happening on the ground there and how he decided to make the Mediterranean island his home.

Demystifying Panama – Part 2

Last week, we met Bob Adams, a world traveler and businessman now calling Panama home. Today we discover common misconceptions about the country, the drug trade, real estate market, as well as Bob’s advice for would-be retirees or visitors to the county…

Demystifying Panama – Part 1

If you have ever considered relocating to or investing in Panama, and you do not know, or at least know of, Bob Adams, you are behind the curve. It is impossible to sum up in one sentence who or what Bob is, but suffice it to say he is an American who has lived and worked all over the world for many years, with foreign aid programs, humanitarian agencies and international businesses, all dealing with economic development. As such, he has his finger on the pulse of global economic news, and his eye on the implications of world events.

“What are the best structures outside of IRAs to defer tax at the lowest rates?”

Question from a US-based IM Member: “What are the best structures outside of IRAs to defer tax at the lowest rates?”

3 Ways to Shelter Your Cash from Inflation

The high rate of inflation most of us believe is waiting not too far down the road will be an earthquake for investment markets. The likely winners (gold, silver, precious metals stocks) and the likely losers (long-term bonds and most stocks) aren’t too hard to identify. But separating the sheep from the goats is only one element for financial success in an environment of rapidly rising consumer prices.

Expatriate Your Wallet

If everything you own is held in your own name in your own country, then you are not merely exposed, you are vulnerable absolutely, to whatever decisions the government might make about how you should behave and who gets the wealth you’ve earned.