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Only Two Countries Do This Appalling Thing—And the U.S. Is One of Them

Americans live under one of the worst tax systems in the entire world.

The Future of Direct Taxation

This successful country has never had income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, or even VAT, property tax, or sales tax in all of its history.

Another Corporate Giant Is Leaving the U.S. – What This Means for You

The latest high-profile company to put the Beast on a diet.

Is It Time to Renounce U.S. Citizenship While You Still Can?

Preventing people from leaving has always been a hallmark of authoritarianism.

This is How Tax Havens Restrain the Greed of Politicians

Statists thinks low-tax nations should be forced to surrender their sovereignty to help high-tax nations prop up their inefficient welfare states.

An Often Overlooked Predator: State Governments and Income Taxes

Depending on which state claims you as its milking cow, the consequences could be substantial.

Judge This Country by Its Enemies

Can you name this free-market jurisdiction in the Western hemisphere?

The Economic Blacklist

Every year or two, an economic “blacklist” is made public to warn people as to what jurisdictions are not in compliance with world economic standards.

Corporations Join Droves Renouncing US Citizenship

US tax policies are sabotaging its global economic competitiveness. Fortunately there is an escape hatch.

Puerto Rico as an Alternative to Renunciation

Puerto Rico’s tax incentives have created a new and unprecedented opportunity for US citizens, bringing a genuine alternative to renunciation.

Pocket Enormous Tax Savings in Puerto Rico…

I did it. I recently moved down to the Island of Enchantment with my family. But it wasn’t just the sunny skies, year-round warm weather, and beautiful ocean beaches that drew us to Puerto Rico; it was the incredible tax breaks that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Puerto Rico’s Act 20 and Act 22 Tax Incentives—the Best Haven for Americans

Puerto Rico may be the best option for Americans to reduce their tax burden at present.

Americans Can Still Benefit from Tax Havens

You are technically a slave when 100% of the fruits of your labor is taxed or otherwise confiscated by force. So, at what percentage are you not a slave?

Americans Are on a Tight Leash

By Nick Giambruno – It is far better to deal with the burdens associated with internationalization than to leave your savings, your income, and yourself in range of a desperate government’s wrecking ball.

How to Prove Benjamin Franklin Wrong About Taxes

Tax Freedom Day is the day of the year that the average person has in theory earned enough money to pay their annual tax bill. I thought it would be useful to look at when Tax Freedom Day occurs across the world to gain some perspective.

Reporting Requirements for Americans with Foreign Financial Accounts

If you are a US person who has a financial interest or signature authority over foreign bank accounts, securities accounts and/or other financial accounts you probably have to report them to the US government on multiple forms. The penalties for failure to file are onerous.

Reduce Your US Tax Bill With Foreign Tax Credit Carryforwards

Ryan Losi explains how you can potentially reduce your US tax bill with foreign tax credit carryforwards for up to 10 years.

More Taxes To Feed The Beast

What the International Man needs to know this week, recent articles and news, the best internationalization sources on the web, and more.

Are More Americans Reaching Their Breaking Point?

What the International Man needs to know this week, recent articles and news, the best internationalization sources on the web, and more.

Paying Your Fair Share

Politicians, the world over, are forever seeking justification to raise taxes. One clever approach to justifying a tax increase is the modern claim by politicians that one group or another must pay its “fair share.” The magic of this term lies in the implication that, somehow, until now, the group in question has not been paying its fair share.

Tax Talk with an International Tax Planner (Part 3)

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been talking shop with Ryan Losi, a Virginia based US CPA who specializes in international tax planning. In today’s conclusion, we talk about some of the most common mistakes Americans make when heading overseas, as well some thoughts on where the increased regulation and enforcement might ultimately take us.

Talk with an International Tax Planner (Part 2)

Last week, we started a conversation with Ryan Losi, a Virginia-based tax accountant who specializes in helping American expats manage their financial and reporting requirements back home. Today, we pick up the conversation with some insights into different income tax deferral programs available to Americans living overseas…

“What are the best structures outside of IRAs to defer tax at the lowest rates?”

Question from a US-based IM Member: “What are the best structures outside of IRAs to defer tax at the lowest rates?”

Interview with an International Man Wealth Advisor

At its core, International Man is designed to be a community of like-minded people who come together and converse on all topics related to the internationalization process. One member is Steve Abramowicz, a Seattle-based wealth advisor to high net worth individuals across the United States. He has also internationalized himself and his family to a great degree.