Give Yourself Diplomatic Immunity
from Out-of-control Politicians

Events around the world show that cash-strapped governments will inevitably resort to:

  • Capital controls
  • An avalanche of tax hikes
  • Grabbing retirement savings
  • Asset forfeitures
  • Debt monetization
  • Bail-ins and bank deposit confiscations

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Making the Most of Your Personal Freedom and Financial Opportunity Around the World

Latest News

Securing Your Assets When Financial Privacy Is Dead

It’s important to identify the countries that are responsible for killing financial privacy, as it gives a clue to the motive.

The Crowning Glory of Keynesianism

There is one final rabbit in the hat before we see the well-deserved downfall of Keynesianism.

Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Doug Casey explains how banking is supposed to work vs. how it actually works today.

A Powerful Weapon of Financial Warfare—The US Treasury’s Kiss of Death

It’s an amazingly powerful weapon that only the US government can wield.

Minimising Government’s Dominance over Your Life

Some countries are ideal places to reside. Others are great places to park some savings or to invest in. Others are optimal for conducting business. Yet others are perfect for obtaining a second passport.

How to Open a Bank Account in Chile

It’s very difficult for nonresident foreigners to open a bank account in Chile. There are a few completely legitimate exceptions, though.

How to Ensure Nobody Can Pull the Plug on Your Digital Life or Online Business

An often overlooked ingredient of international diversification is spreading your digital presence across multiple friendly jurisdictions. This will help you secure your privacy and ensure that no government can pull the plug on your digital life.

Prove You’re Not a Terrorist

Governments hate it when you use cash, as its harder for them to track and control. They have now accelerated the international War on Cash.

The Right International Jurisdiction

A properly structured international trust provides the maximum level of protection from anything that happens in your own country. It's simply the strongest asset protection vehicle on the planet.

More Unofficial Capital Controls: PFIC Rules

It ranks at the very top of potential tax nightmares, especially if you invest internationally.

The Future of Passports

Why St. Kitts & Nevis and Malta's economic citizenship programs are just the beginning for second passport options.

The US Is a Tax Haven… and That’s a Very Good Thing

Let’s be thankful that the United States is a so-called tax haven. Those pro-growth policies help to offset Obama’s bad policies.

The Perception Gap on Colombia and Why It’s a Very Good Thing

The key to Colombia’s high quality and low costs rests with the wide gap between what the average person perceives Colombia to be and what it is actually like.

There Goes the Neighbourhood

It was a difficult decision, but for many, it proved to be for the best.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Bahrain

Bahrain is a lesser-known offshore banking jurisdiction.

The North Korea of Africa: On the Ground in Eritrea

Eritrea is infamously distinguished for its oppressive tax system. It’s the only country in the world—other than the US—to tax its nonresident citizens on their global income.

What Will Happen to You When the Dollar Collapses?

Historically, when a nation’s debt exceeds its ability to repay even the interest, it can be assumed that the currency will collapse.

Banking in Hong Kong and China, and UnionPay

When you open an account in Hong Kong or China, you can also get access to China UnionPay, the Chinese payment processing system and an alternative to Visa and MasterCard.

New Kid on the Block:  Internationalization Concierge

How to achieve the financial security that comes with international diversification but without the hassles.

Capital Punishment

Any government that succeeds in controlling the monetary transactions of the individual can then control the individual.

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