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Preparing for a Potential Economic Collapse in October

Historically it's a month with more than its fair share of negative economic events. This year, there are warning signs aplenty.

Citizenship as a Weapon: Travel Controls and What You Can Do About It

You don’t own your own passport or citizenship… the government does. And they use them as a weapon.

Places of Interest in Chile

Chile's investment opportunities are largely unnoticed and underexploited today.

Your Gold Is Only as Good as Where You Store It

Storing physical gold offshore is one of the most prudent decisions a smart investor can make.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is known for its LLCs, foundations, and most notably for its economic citizenship program.

Doug Casey on Why You Should Go to Africa Instead of College

Doug Casey on the enormous economic potential in Africa, his efforts to build a truly free market country, and better uses of your time and money than going to college.

From Crisis To Confiscation - Where Do I Store My Wealth?

Internationalization: The practice of spreading one’s self both physically and economically over several jurisdictions in order to avoid being controlled or victimized by any one jurisdiction.

The Next Financial Disaster Starts Here

Some of the world’s savviest investors are betting that this $1.5 trillion market will crash.

Why Your Brokerage Account Isn’t as Safe as You Think It Is

Imagine logging into your brokerage account tomorrow and finding out that it’s frozen.

Escaping Serfdom

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

How to Make Sure the Government Can’t Freeze Your Bank Account

Here's how to make sure what happened to the Greek people can't happen to you.

Fire Sale for the Crown Jewels of the Greek Economy

If they somehow managed to win, history would remember them as patriots and heroes. If they lost, they’d be remembered as traitors or terrorists… if they were remembered at all.

When a Train Wreck Is No Accident

It’s still possible to back out of the system, but it’s getting more difficult every day.

Doug Casey on the Real FIFA Scandal

Doug weighs in on the real scandal… the one you’re not reading in mass media.

This is How Tax Havens Restrain the Greed of Politicians

Statists thinks low-tax nations should be forced to surrender their sovereignty to help high-tax nations prop up their inefficient welfare states.

The Disappearing Retirement Fund

Retirement savings are always a juicy target for governments in need of cash.

Why You Don’t Have an International Trust… Even Though You Should

Here are the top 10 reasons so many investors are missing out on the kind of protection they want for themselves and their families.

The World’s Biggest Economic Fallacies… and How to Profit From Them

They’re the biggest risks to your financial wellbeing today… and the average investor is blind to them.

The Beginning of the End for the EU?

Europe’s citizens have grown quite weary of the bad marriage that their governments have entered into.

It Was the First Time the CIA Overthrew a Government…

Even today the US government would rather not talk about it. That’s why it remains an unknown story for many Americans.

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