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Making the Most of Your Personal Freedom and Financial Opportunity Around the World


Where to Buy Property Without Paying Property Tax

Own real estate in these countries and skip the annual property-tax harvest.

Why Socialism is Here to Stay

Many “progressives” believe “just the right mix” of socialism and capitalism will create the ideal system…

Not Everybody Went Down with the Titanic

Most people have a health insurance policy, a life insurance policy, fire insurance, and car insurance… But do you have “freedom insurance”?

The Gravest Threat to Your Retirement

It has nothing to do with Social Security, the War on Cash, or the economy...

Sorry, You Can’t Have Your Gold 

Whatever the outcome of the coming economic crisis, those who have chosen the safest havens for their wealth will be those who will fare best.

Doug Casey on the Recent Corruptions of the English Language

The corruption of language is adding to the corruption of civilization itself.

The Industrial Revolution in Reverse

This government brought businesses to a screeching halt… and caused the entire economy to collapse.

Betting on Crazylegs in the Final Race

When the coming economic depression does come, those who have not prepared will be scrambling for the exit doors… But we’ll want to have already made a quiet exit.

Seeking Galt’s Gulch

If ever there were to be a time that a Galt’s Gulch should be created by those seeking an escape from bureaucracy, it would be now.

Doug Casey: The U.S. Global RoboCop Is Going to Self-Destruct

History hasn’t been kind to civilizations that overextend themselves militarily…

The Darwin Awards for Nations

Unlike the personal Darwin Awards, nations tend to suffer for an extended period from poor economic and militaristic steps taken by governments before they collapse.

A Huge Change, a Renaissance, and Likely a Boom

Doug Casey on one of the only countries in the world heading in the right direction today.

A Forbidden Investment Fruit

Doug Casey has long been interested in this investment of enormous potential...

Picking Up the UK Tab

The conceptual problems with the EU’s existence may be outweighed by the economic ones.

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part V

Doug Casey says the U.S. can’t avoid Rome’s fate just by trying to avoid Rome’s mistakes.

Finding Freedom in an Unfree World: A Reality Check

Doug Casey's search for freedom in a world where freedom is becoming increasingly scarce.

Looking Forward

Today, we’re approaching a worldwide economic collapse. So what will the world look like after the catastrophe?

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part IV

It's interesting to compare the images on the coinage of Rome and the U.S.

What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like… and How to Protect Yourself

How a desperate U.S. government might try to confiscate gold again…

Rebirth of a Nation

We’re witnessing the birth of a new Cuba. And with it, new opportunities through investment and internationalization.

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