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Doug Casey on Why You Shouldn’t Take This Election Seriously

No matter if Trump or Hillary wins the election, we’re looking at a worldwide Greater Depression.

Has World War 3 Already Started?

The terrifying things Doug Casey and Nick Giambruno found out about Operation Anaconda 2016...

The Sedition Act: The Bad Penny Returns

Freedom is being dramatically curtailed by governments in what was formerly known as “the free world.”

Doug Casey on the Self-Identified Elite

Doug was recently invited to a Bilderberg-like confab of the global elite. Here's what he saw...

Doug Casey on “Quitaly” and the Collapse of the EU

There’s potential to make huge profits on the collapse of the EU if you position yourself now.

One Giant Powder Keg… and the Fuse is Already Lit

It’s hard to think of another place that has more tripwires for a global meltdown...

The Demise of the EU

The dominoes have already started falling…

Here’s Where the Next Bank Deposit “Bail-In” Will Strike…

You do not own the money you deposit into the bank…

A Mile-High House of Cards

Central bankers are making behind-the-scenes preparations for a major crisis, all the while publicly promising that “everything is under control.”

Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

Europe has long been a hotbed of religious, ethnic and race wars—quite frankly, I see the next one building up right now.

The Coming Collapse of the World’s Biggest Economy

According to the FT, it could lead to the most violent economic shock in history...

Doug Casey on the Migrant Crisis

Here's how Doug would solve the migrant crisis...

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

You have to work hard to see through the smokescreen that governments and the media create...

From the Roving Laptop of Doug Casey…

Doug’s favorite place in the world does NOT have cultural conflicts, an immigration crisis, political correctness, high prices, or Hillary as its next president. What it does have will surprise you…

The Easiest Country to Get Citizenship In

Which country is the easiest to get citizenship in? The answer will depend on individual factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Going the Way of the Denarius

Just as Rome went into an irreversible decline, so is the empire of today.

Chung Kuo

Doug Casey says the largest economy on the planet will soon no longer be America's—but China's.

Where to Buy Property Without Paying Property Tax

Own real estate in these countries and skip the annual property-tax harvest.

Why Socialism is Here to Stay

Many “progressives” believe “just the right mix” of socialism and capitalism will create the ideal system…

Not Everybody Went Down with the Titanic

Most people have a health insurance policy, a life insurance policy, fire insurance, and car insurance… But do you have “freedom insurance”?

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