Give Yourself Diplomatic Immunity
from Out-of-control Politicians

Events around the world show that cash-strapped governments will inevitably resort to:

  • Capital controls
  • An avalanche of tax hikes
  • Grabbing retirement savings
  • Asset forfeitures
  • Debt monetization
  • Bail-ins and bank deposit confiscations

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Latest News

Foreign Real Estate Is the New Swiss Bank Account

Foreign real estate has a rare and notable feature that foreign financial assets like offshore bank and brokerage accounts do not have.

Offshore Jurisdiction Review—Anguilla

Anguilla competes for the claim of best offshore LLC jurisdiction.

Which New World Order Are We Talking About?

Instead of a New World Order, what I believe will occur instead will be a repeat of history.

What You Need to Know About Russia, Putin, and Gold

A Russian gold bullion expert provides some insight into the Russian gold market.

Never Leave a Tip for the Tax Collector

Recently I spoke with Terry Coxon on how to be tax efficient, the state of financial privacy in the world, how to lawsuit-proof your life, creating your own personal tax haven, and how international diversification plays an important role in all of these things.

The US vs. China: A Study in Opposites

We are passing through the early stages of a period of dramatic change. The economic and political world is in the process of turning upside down.

Jim Rogers on Opportunities in Russia and Other Hated Markets

Jim Rogers shows us that throughout history and around the world, the greatest investment and wealth-creation opportunities have been found in crises. Trouble is a marker for opportunity.

Cafayate’s Crystal Ball

Cafayate is Argentina's second-largest winemaking area, and it's on the rise.

Not Quite Ready to Go?

There’s a train coming down the track toward us and it’s now picking up speed. But unlike the man in the photo, we can’t simply fold up our newspaper and take our rocker from the tracks.

The Moral Case for Tax Havens

Besides their economic benefits, tax havens should also be defended on a moral basis. Most notably, they offer a safe haven for people subject to persecution.

What E-Residency in Estonia Is, and How to Get It

When you look at everything that Estonia offers—a reputable EU jurisdiction that uses the euro; the most competitive tax system in the OECD; a business-friendly and tech-savvy atmosphere that opens its doors to productive foreigners—planting an offshore flag there can make a lot of sense.

Dead Currency Walking?

Advances in technology will, in the new millennium, be coming at us so fast that, ultimately, they will outstrip the ability of governments to control them. And this, of course, is a very good thing.

How to Obtain Residency, Citizenship, and a Second Passport in Chile

It's no secret that Chile is attractive for internationalization from many standpoints.

An Often Overlooked Predator: State Governments and Income Taxes

Depending on which state claims you as its milking cow, the consequences could be substantial.

“Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks in Resolution”

I must begin with an apology—that I’ve provided readers with such a confusing title to have to digest. It's the title of a decision that was reached by the G20 countries to approve an across-the-board Cyprus-style bail-in.

FATCA: “The Worst Law Nobody Has Ever Heard Of,” Part II

In the second and final part of this article we explore how FATCA has been absolutely devastating to "accidental Americans" who had no idea about their tax reporting obligations.

Financial Repression Is Financial Authoritarianism

Financial repression is a devious tactic that heavily indebted governments inevitably turn to.

America’s Berlin Wall

My estimation (based upon decades of travel to Cuba and personal relationships with Cubans) is that, left alone, Cuba will slowly open up more to capitalism.

FATCA: “The Worst Law Nobody Has Ever Heard Of,” Part I

That so few people understand FATCA is perhaps not surprising. Often, otherwise offensive government actions and institutions are given dull and opaque names to obfuscate their true purpose.

International Man Expat Interviews—British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is a popular choice for those seeking to expatriate from the US while experiencing minimal changes in lifestyle.

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