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Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the Petrodollar

This is just one of the ways President Trump will hasten the death of the petrodollar...

Fight of the Century

Is it possible that the US is following a similar path to that of 1930’s Germany?

This Game-Changing Technology Is About to Explode

It could soon be a critical tool in your international diversification toolkit... and it could also make you a fortune.

Trump Left Saudi Arabia Off His Immigration Ban… Here’s the Shocking Reason Why

It’s the reason why the media and political elite give the Saudis special treatment...

Duesenberg in a Barn

During hard times, those who have not been responsible will come after those who have.

The War on Some Drugs

The only answer to the War on Drugs is a repeal of prohibition.

How I Met Doug Casey and Became the New International Man

Appreciating the true nature of the big picture trends in the world is essential to being a successful investor.

When the Money Supply Dries Up

Countries fall from grace with remarkable speed.

From the Roving Laptop of Doug Casey…

Doug’s favorite place in the world does NOT have cultural conflicts, an immigration crisis, political correctness, or high prices. What it does have will surprise you…

Will Donald Trump Reverse the War on Cash?

One step back, two steps forward...


Recently, the Dow closed above 20,000 for the first time in history... here's what happens next.

Is It Time to Escape to Your Personal Alamo?

There’s no doubt the world has become a crazier place in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse...

The 2017 “Davos Consensus”—More Welfare and Warfare

Interestingly, Donald Trump has never been invited to Davos.

Doug Casey: Comparing the 1930s and Today

To define the likely differences between the coming depression and the last one, it's helpful to compare the situation today to that in the early 1930s. The results aren't very reassuring.

“We Will Bury You”

It couldn’t possibly happen in the US... or could it?

How Fascism Comes to America

What happens after Trump’s inauguration could change everything… in sudden, unexpected ways.

Doug Casey: Making the Chicken Run, Part II

America is headed for something much more serious than any past crisis…

Doug Casey: Making the Chicken Run, Part I

Doug will share his thoughts on this coming crisis…and explain why it will be much worse—and last much longer—than people expect…

Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar

There’s only one way Trump could fight the global elites and win...

One Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble

They did everything possible to stop Trump from taking office. None of it worked. Here's the shocking thing they'll do next...

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