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The Single Wisest Thing You Can Do with Your Money

The single wisest thing you can do with your money is not to buy gold...

Expect the War on Cash to Accelerate as Negative Interest Rates Come to the U.S.

These radical and insane measures are a sign of desperation.

Surely This Problem Won’t Affect Me

Perpetual conflict means perpetual increase in power by political leaders. Here's how to protect yourself...

Doug Casey Shines a Light on the Sociopaths in Politics

Doug Casey says sociopaths have a lopsided notion of property rights. They therefore defend currency inflation and taxation as good things.

Another Corporate Giant Is Leaving the U.S. – What This Means for You

The latest high-profile company to put the Beast on a diet.

The End of Tax Havens?

Governments are in a last-ditch effort to squeeze as much wealth as possible from their citizens. Here’s what to do about it.

A Huge Change, a Renaissance, and Likely a Boom

Doug Casey on one of the only countries in the world heading in the right direction today.

Capital Controls Are Coming

The carnage always comes by surprise, often on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning…

The American Revolution - the Sequel

All you can hope to do is to save yourself from the consequences of all this stupidity.

The Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance

Doug Casey on the root cause of most of today’s problems.

Ron Paul Says to Watch the Petrodollar

By considering Ron Paul's words on the petrodollar, we will know when the dollar collapse is imminent.

The International War on Cash

These radical and insane measures are a sign of desperation. They are also huge threats to your financial security.

From the Roving Laptop of Doug Casey…

Doug’s favorite place in the world does NOT have cultural conflicts, an immigration crisis, political correctness, high prices, or Hillary as its next president. What it does have will surprise you…

The U.S. Wants to Seize Your Passport…Here’s What You Can Do About It

Arbitrarily revoking citizenship and passports have always been hallmarks of authoritarianism.

Are Governments Running Out of Candy?

The latest version of Bread and Circuses is reaching its inevitable end.

The Best Tax Haven for Americans Today

It’s pretty much the only place in the world where Americans can obtain such tax benefits without renouncing their citizenship.

Voluntary Enslavement

None of us can fully escape the more predatory tendencies of governments. We can, however, adjust our lives so that the State’s impact on us is minimized.

10 Reasons Why You Need an Offshore Bank Account Today

You may have wondered: “What can an offshore bank account give me that an account at Bank of America can’t?” The answer is: A wide range of benefits you absolutely need.

Et Tu, Brute? (How Empires Die)

Countries fall from grace with amazing speed.

Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda

Doug Casey deflates the powerful psychological reactions among people who instinctively hate gold.

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