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Investing in Collapse

“Declining nations follow the same pattern, time and time again, over the centuries.”

The War on Cash and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

At some point, every heavily indebted government uses it. It’s inevitable. And no entity on the planet is more indebted than the US government…

How to Calculate the End of the World

“But the most likely threat comes from neither rising water, nor war, nor zombie apocalypse. Instead, the main risk is financial.”

The Great Oz

“It might be best to recognize that government, in its entirety, is the problem—not whoever happens to be playing the role of the Great Oz.”

Doug Casey on Peace in the Korean Peninsula

“The US government should stop dissipating the country’s capital, stop making enemies, and totally withdraw from the Middle East. Let those people sort it by themselves.”

US Pot Prohibition—A “Gift to Canada”

Ninety years ago, the US government tied the hands of US businesses while turning Canadians into billionaires—and the same thing is happening today.


Today, the world at large sees the US as the aggressor—not as a defender of democracy.

Doug Casey on Deploying Troops to the Border

Editor’s Note: It’s no secret that Donald Trump wants to put 2,000–4,000 troops on the U.S.–Mexico border. And that’s because he believes that the “security of the United States is imperiled by a drastic surge of illegal activity on the southern border.” We love hearing Doug Casey’s take on these controversial issues, so we’re sharing Casey Daily […]

Pot Will Revive Small-Town America

“The US is experiencing its biggest change in generations.”

Future Currency—Gold and Silver?

As long as Americans accept worthless bank notes as currency, the government can print as much as it likes.

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States, Part II

“There’s absolutely nothing that the government does that entrepreneurs couldn’t do better and cheaper.”

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States

“I suspect that the U.S. won’t exist one hundred years from now.”

The Inevitability of Snollygosters

“The snollygosters have been a chronic dominant presence in governments for millennia.”

Doug Casey’s Most Lucrative Crisis Investments, Part II

Economic dysfunction leads to great crisis investments.

Doug Casey’s Most Lucrative Crisis Investments, Part I

“Crisis investing opportunities are available all over the world, but most people are completely unaware of their existence.”

The End of the Debt-As-Currency Era

We’re now living in the era of the greatest level of debt mankind has ever created.”

Doug Casey on the Coming Comfortable Dystopia, Part 2

“It makes me want to spend more time in a backward country where this sort of thing isn’t happening as quickly.”

Doug Casey on the Coming Comfortable Dystopia

It’s a scary prospect—and most people won’t mind living in a dystopia, as long as it’s reasonably comfortable.

Preparing for War

The world sees the US as a schoolyard bully—actively provoking small countries next door to Russia and China. And the war to come probably won’t end well for the US…

Doug Casey on Anarchy and Voluntaryism

It’s going to become very unpleasant in the US at some point soon…

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